Help the Hatters Update 18

The  7 days since the last Update probably contained two of the most depressing displays from County on the field at Altrincham and Edgeley Park respectively seen by many for years- both games being lost abjectly. Thankfully however things moved off the field in an altogether more positive direction!

`Stronger Together'

To summarise briefly - a most productive meeting took place at the Blossoms Hotel, at long last showing that the various unofficial elements of the mighty Blue Army, could come together and to some purpose- namely that of saving County! Help the Hatters were pleased to have  representatives present at this momentous gathering, and will endeavour to play a full part in the Groups onward activity.
It was decided to support the following :-

 To attempt to secure Edgeley Park as a Community Asset.

The loss of ownership of EP was undoubtedly the single most potent factor in sending County on their current horrendous downward spiral. As a first step to reversing this ,and  safeguarding the supporters and therefore the Club`s chances of getting ownership of the ground back, making Edgeley Park a Community Asset was an essential starting point.
Something worth noting is that establishing EP as a Community Asset would prohibit sale of same without first option being offered to the supporters group, who would then have a period of time ( say 6 months) in which to raise money and do a deal.
Stockport County Supporters Cooperative already had this matter in hand and were well progressed in finalising an application.
The Coop also had a secure bank account which ,for legal reasons, can only be used to purchase assets ( ie Edgeley Park or Shares in the Club)
It was agreed that the meeting would.....

 Urge all supporters to join the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative as the best vehicle available to supporters to further their aims and interests.


The following names were then agreed upon to act as leaders for the group....Mary McGee, Paul Charnock, Dave Schofield, Martin White and John Fitzpatrick.
Please note that the next meeting is on Wednesday 4th September 2013 again at the Blossoms Hotel commencing at 19.30. It is an open meeting and all County supporters are welcome to attend and participate. So there`s another date for your diary!
From the above you will note that Fitzy is gently easing himself back into circulation again. Please do your best to assist him by not putting too much pressure his way. Meanwhile , if you are reading this via here is a pic of John at Altrincham pre match!

Car Boot.

Monday 26th saw another desultory performance from County this time against Colwyn Bay, but the Help the Hatters team was in much better nick at the Booth Street car park, turning out at ridiculous o'clock ( 06.00) to martial over 120 booters in place along with a multitude of variously tempered parkers. The temperature was unreasonably high ,so a particular vote of thanks goes to Angela and her magnificent team for sticking too it and doing the biz so well for HtH despite The Ice Cream Man`s `no show'. Provisional date for the next Car Boot is 22nd September- make a note in your diary!


Sales hit 400 at the Colwyn Bay game, so a big thank you to Joan Plimmer, Graham Privett and Pat96 who laboured in the cause . It`s getting harder to move the item now, but we managed to shift 40. We will continue to sell at home and away games ,so look out for me near the Cheadle End turnstile if you want to buy, or volunteer to sell on Hardcastle Road.


Page views hit and went way beyond 19000 this week, as Altrincham fans thirst for Saturday`s match report was matched by a hunger for information about supporter action to help sustain the Club in existence as 996 supporters visited the site on one day( Thursday) . Loads of our supporters continue to  visit the site with regularity and that is really brilliant, as is the input from the blogs team of writers. A technical problem delayed Graham Privett`s excellent article...that an a swingeing writ issued by my dear friends Sue, Grabbit and Run ( lawyers of repute). You will get my drift when the article surfaces next week! Meanwhile Pauline Coddington has given us her latest poem, birthed in the aftermath of the angst of Altrincham. I visualise this as excellent material for a rapper or poet of the Merseyside 70`s variety to deliver and do justice too. If you are either or about it!

Working Party Edgeley Park- Sunday 8th September 2013.

The intention is to hold a Working Party on the above date to tackle the task deferred earlier in the year- namely the painting of the Hardcastle Road frontage. Starting time 09.00 ( until about 12.00)-  if you can help let Natalie know at , then just turn up- everything else will be provided.

H t h Meeting.

It is hoped to hold an informal meeting soon to discuss future plans. Thursday 12th September is the date provisionally being thought of. Confirmation will follow.

IO County.

Ian Brown


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