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John Fitzpatrick Interview

There was no morning after feeling  for inspirational Help the Hatters Chairman John Fitzpatrick, after playing such a crucial role in bringing about the deal that saw young Rhys Turner secured for County. He was still buzzing when I spoke to him early today and was happy to speak to County supporters on the subject. " I was delighted to be able play my part in facilitating the deal that sees a terrific young striker snatched from under the noses of a clutch of other clubs and playing for County" Asked about the likely impact of the deal John opined " It`s a situation. The player benefits from continued association with Alan Lord and Ian Bogie`s experienced guidance.....the Club gets a fine prospect and one that scores goals too......and the supporters get something to perk them up in these difficult times." Continuing John  expanded on the effect on  Help the Hatters who were central to the deal and are funding the players wages.

County Snap up Shooting Star

Wow.....exciting times...........for County and their supporters! Thanks to Help the Hatters , and In the teeth of opposition from the likes of Middlesbrough, County gained themselves an international player today when English Schools star Rhys Turner signed to play for the Club. Reece ,an English Schools Under 18  International ,and product of Myerscough College, has featured a few times in recent years for  County development teams looking a totally class act in the process despite playing against men far older than himself. Alan Lord has monitored the players progress closely and County are lucky indeed to have snapped him up as he is a precocious talent! Help the Hatters are delighted to have stepped up to the plate and made the signing  possible by agreeing with Ian Bogie and Alan Lord, to fund the players wages. The agreement allows for the refund to HtH of the moneys expended,and a bonus, should Rhys succesfully progress .and County get a fee for him. We see

Help the Hatters Update 25 June 2013

When pressed on favourite places......spots of rare beauty....some.....many perhaps, would point to the Taj Mahal, Niagara Falls maybe or one of Brunel`s bridges, but for me there is nothing quite so guaranteed to lift the spirits as a glimpse of Hardcastle Road early morning or bathed in gentle summer sunshine later on in the day. It matters not which direction you approach it from.....from Mercian Way, Booth Street or via the Reservoir- for me the effect is always the same as the old EP frontage , so spick and span these days after another lick or two  of paint, greets your  eye welcoming you like a prodigal son or daughter. Then....if, like last night, you actually gain access to the stadium ( why oh why did we ever contemplate leaving for somewhere....anywhere else!) the effect only magnifies, upon seeing that same gentle evening sunshine flit across the grass and caress two of the stands and the roof of the others. And the grass looked magnificent once again last night ...a

Action not Words

Supporters are revolting. No that is not just the view of any one of a plethora of club chairmen, but fact, as representatives of the Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct met last weekend at the National Football Centre in Burton. The Premier League were of course in the firing line and deservedly so most of us might opine, but the Football Association were not far behind in the general opprobrium stakes   and came in for some considerable flak. Prices and Safe Standing were the issues largely to the fore at the weekend getting delegates and invited politicians in one heck of a lather! As far as the Greedy League...oops sorry.....Premier League are concerned football is a business first and foremost so I was not at all surprised to hear them reply to criticism on prices with the old bromide `it`s not us that set the prices....the clubs do!'. They are impervious to criticism, a situation bolstered by an inept F.A whose first mistake was to allow the

Team News

Team News With almost 2 months to wait for the start of the season, County`s first at Conference North level, it is time for me to offer my personal update of how things are looking at the sharp end at Edgeley Park. County`s management team of Ian Bogie and Alan Lord have given the distinct impression of putting together a decent squad. There`s a nice mix of experience and ambition about the new recruits as well, starting off with Phil Jevens, snapped up from Hyde after notching 15 goals at Conference Premier level last term. That`s one striker .....the second capture in this department by the Hatters Kristian Dennis takes a step up after notching 40 odd goals for Curzon Ashton in all competitions last season. So.....a good start then , but all Cloughie `s successful teams had a solid base at the back so what have Ian and Alan sorted in this regard. Well......2   full backs for a start. Firstly Kyle Jacobs , a right back from FC United and Stephen O`Halloran ex N
Help the Hatters Update- 18 June 2013. More than 20 turned out again last evening to assist at the latest Help the Hatters- EP Working Party. The ultimate target is of course to have the work completed before the first league game on 17 August ( assuming it`s at home), but as the first game of any sort is Rodger Wylde`s testimonial game on 9th July, it becomes apparent that matters press rather more urgently upon us than at first glance seems the case. So.....a massive thanks to all who have thus far turned out( and seen their pictures in the Stockport Express)along with another appeal for anyone minded to join us . Just turn up at EP between 18.00 and 18.30 next Tuesday ( June 25)and `the jobs a good un'. It is perfectly clear even  at this  early stage, that things are motoring as far as the Yearbook is concerned. As I indicated last time, Andy Birchenough and his team ( particular thanks to David Wright for his excellent work on the Away Ground Guide)are well on with the jo
Help the Hatters 11 June EP Working Party Over 30 turned out this time, which was absolutely fantastic, and they were joined by James Gannon,his two daughters  Eva and Katlin, and County`s Assistant Manager Alan Lord, as they rolled their sleeves up and tackled the tasks in hand. Having so many willing to do a bit really does help and the large party were able to spread themselves over all 4 stands. The Railway End  got a final coating of blue and now looks in tremendous nick. We will need to put some yellow down now on the gangways etc, and of course we need Fitzy to shin up the flag poles and bring the flags down for a pre season clean. Over to you John! The Danny Bergara Main Stand  got some attention and the Disabled Viewing Area ( to my mind the best of its kind in British football- the disabled spectator can actually see the game form a fine vantage point), was given a first coating of paint by Neil and Luke Cheetham, and will look top notch at the seasons start! Pop and
Help the Hatters    4 June With many Hatters understandably perhaps dwelling on the question of the moment....`Conference Premier or Conference North?', Help the Hatters rolled their sleeves up and got busy this week. EP Working Party. I have already mentioned Tuesday`s resoundingly successful opening WP- which saw 20 supporters transforming the look of our beloved stadium. More remains to be done and from now on there will definitely be a WP each Tuesday( meet at Main Stand 18.30 for 19.00 start). We are thinking of taking advantage of the decent weather and having a WP this Saturday morning as well. If you are interested, either for Saturday or Tuesday, please email Natalie on I write, I can advise you that Alan Lord is intent on showing up on Tuesday in support of the supporters! Yearbook.         Andy Birchenough is pressing on apace with this one, and has already put together a small team who will apply themselves to helping him produce wha