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Help the Hatters Update 64

It was with great sadness that we told you in November 2014   that Pauline Coddington had died. Pauline was a talented Textile Artist specialising in hand carded felted goods and fibre art, and as a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen, taught Felt Making very successfully, and had edited her own blog under her username `Hawkgreenfelts’ and was also a long time valued contributor to this Blog on which she penned many a fine article on a variety of subjects. For some years Pauline was a much respected part of the Help the Hatters family, supporting the group both financially and via the various Working Parties which she joined in with, and she has been sadly missed by the Help the Hatters family. Pauline is 7th from the left at the back on this WP pic. In this somewhat skewed world that we live in, we are used to the dross and hard knocks of every day life, and when…..out of something awful…….a kind gesture emerges to herald a small shaft of unexpected

Congratulations George Haigh , County Legend- 100 Today!

It is with immense pride that we salute this morning a true County Legend. County's oldest surviving former player George Haigh is 100 years old today, and on behalf of County supporters everywhere we wish George the happiest of happy birthdays! County Historian Marcus Heap attended George`s early birthday party on Saturday, and we are immensely indebted to him for this glorious account of the man and the day. Another 100 years with this wonderful man please  by Marcus Heap. In the late 1990’s, whilst researching former County players, I was working my way through the Stockport phone directory.   I came across the name “G.Haigh” in Marple and wondered if this might be the George Haigh who had played for County nearly 60 years before. It was a long shot, but to a historian this was a normal occurrence – to find these people you simply have to write lots of letters and make lots of calls with the hope that every once in a while you will find