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" Take Me To Your Leader !"

  What's your close season been like so far? Mine has been routinely boring, until yesterday....and a very startling incident indeed! It was a disconcerting moment for sure........ I just did not expect the blinding flash of light....or the sight that ensued thereafter as a large metallic object landed, bang smack in the centre of my back garden- an ill kempt patch of urban greenery. The unease that had descended upon me continued unabated, as from said object someone....or something emerged into the dank Stopfordian air. Eyeing me impassively, the visitor spoke... " Take Me To Your Leader!" I must confess that, despite my utter confusion and near panic, I was somewhat disappointed with that opening gambit, but I had no time at all to ponder further when the question was repeated with added emphasis! " Take Me To Your Leader........Mr McKnight!" My panic stricken state worked absolute wonders in successf

Out Of Stockport

Virtually 21 years ago to the day I was some distance from SK3 to put it mildly. The 1995/96 season was memorable for a couple of reasons. The ‘new’ Cheadle End was opened and you may also remember a couple of games against Everton in the 3 rd round of the FA Cup. Much of this was to pale into insignificance the season after but I take you back to my placement at the end of April 1996: Zimbabwe is the country of my birth although it was Southern Rhodesia at the moment that I first sniffed the African air. My stay was all too brief and by my 4 th birthday I was back in the historical parental town of Stockport . My father remained in Rhodesia although it was to be another three decades before I returned in 1995 and repeated the trip the following year. Adrian on safari....and Safari Game Scout. During the period just before 1995 I had noted that a young Zimbabwean man had written to Stockport County asking for pen pals, pictures and general swapping of photos