Doncaster Rovers 2 Stockport County 1 ( Football League 2) Tuesday 16 August 2022

            This was fantastically disappointing- a game turned right around by a refereeing decision early on and decisively decided by another deep in added time! County looked comfortable early on as Doncaster`s unease grew with every moment until the 20 th minute when Referee Declan Bourne with the added input of his liner adjudged that Southam- Hales had fouled Tommy Rowe sufficiently to deserve a red card. I did not see this action clearly, but have viewed several videos on facebook and twitter and to say the least it is not even clear a foul was committed, what was clear sadly was that Rowe , who I was looking forward to seeing again, milked it somewhat although in perhaps an echo of a more acceptable   past seemed to think twice about going full throttle by throwing himself down like a dead man. Anyway here`s a clip from You Tube which you can use to judge for yourself   That changed the complexion of the game with County

How Marvellous Is That ?

      I really like this image. It tries to capture the essence of a pre match moment that brought memories of County days of the past flooding back with a massive dollop of coincidence and   a most hopeful window into far happier days to come in County`s future. The moment occurred as the writer and `Man in a Hat` Graham Privett were about to disperse after flogging calendars on the Grassy Knoll and inside the Hospitality suite respectively. Then up steps Peter Quirk who had threatened a visit from the Isle of Man for yonks.It was massively unexpected but really good to shake his hand and have however brief a word with him. I then introduced Peter to Graham and after the briefest of exchanges it became apparent that the duo knew each other from the late 90`s when the HISC was thriving with over 1000 members and Peter ran the I.O.M branch. Graham ( a seriously good Chairman of the Supporters Cooperative in the immediate post Trust days when it needed courage to put head abo