"We`ll Maybe Try It For a Couple of Games"- That was 32 Years Ago !

   image by Les Braithwaite "We`ll Maybe Try It For a Couple of Games"-     -         those were the thoughts of Bob Jeffries, the late Jim Wilkinson and Louis Spalding as they enjoyed a pint in the Fingerpost pub on   Sunday 15 January 1992. They had resolved   to give the idea of running a coach to support County at away games a go. It was a significant moment for travelling County supporters and the Club that they support!   From that acorn of positive thought has grown the mightiest of County Oaks in the form of the Fingerpost Travel Club , and 32 years later ,just 2 days prior to the anniversary of that fateful meeting in the Finger, the Flyer was still getting County fans to County games playing their part in a 3-1 win against Walsall.  Flyer 1992   Flyer 2015/16 The Flyer`s record since 1991/92 season   is amazing as in the early days , run by  Jim Wilkinson, Lou Spalding , and for

Hatters Worldwide S2-5 Geoff Taylor ( USA)

            The first series of Hatters Worldwide attracted 3 contributions from USA which is now home for a large and growing number of County supporters. One of their number has stepped up series 2, and I am sure you will be delighted to read his account of life as a County fan in Houston, Texas! Read on:- …………………………………………………       I am Geoff Taylor. I was born in 1961, in Stepping Hill, and lived in Heaton Chapel, where I went to Broadstone Hall County Primary. Early memories were really about just going to school, and the excitement of my dad taking me to EP for the first time, about 69/70 season. County were in 3 rd Division and played in white with blue chest band.   I remember in particular the first two games I went to, two wins against Luton & Watford, both of whom were in (the old) 1 st Division within a couple of years, and I remember telling people at school that “County were better than both of them, cos I’d seen it!”. We used to go in the Popular sid