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Help the Hatters- A Monday Morning Snapshot !

Morale was at a low ebb , it being a Monday, as hedgegrower made his way to Edgeley Park for the fifth Help the Hatters Working Party session of this current close season. The sun was shining timidly behind a bank of impenetrable northern clouds and   whipped by a slightly unseasonal breeze. No matter…Help the Hatters were soon arriving….not in as great a number for sure,   with numerous staunch workers either on holiday or working elsewhere…..but arriving none the less they were and the first of these was Jordan Stanway who , in a break from College, was showing up for the first time! Just back from holiday and looking disgustingly healthy, Treasurer John Gaskin soon set about pairing persons with jobs and Jordan was the first to cop in this respect, being assigned   to sweep the Railway End with Angela. Meanwhile Anne , as usual, was hard at work under the Danny Stand priming sundry surfaces for Phase 2 of the superbly executed paint job in the corr