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Stockport County 1 Solihull Moors 4 ( Vanarama National League) 26 November 2019

I It was County`s misfortune to come up against a side in second placed Solihull Moors who were in prime form last night at Edgeley Park. Tim Flowers` tough as teak side simply oozed savvy and nous putting County`s much changed side ruthlessly to the sword with 4 second half go als. The final score line of 1-4 hardly flattered them. The key to the game lay in midfield where Moors simply did as they pleased for long periods, with the blues unable to come back at them with much at all throughout , gifting space galore to the visitors who took full advantage dishing out a first loss in four to County. Bright spots…..there weren`t many really……Thomas was a fairly obvious M.O.M…….Bully nicked a fine goal that promised us an altogether better result, but overall 6 changes put a heavy strain on those in action.    Thomas- M.O.M Whilst I understand the rationale in resting / rotating players, particularly the likes of Minihan and Keane who have bee

Help the Hatters Pre Yule Monday Report

The rain swept mercilessly across Edgeley Park today having scant regard for the arriving throng of Help the Hatters regulars. With the two Mike`s attending to matters pitch side when the weather allowed, the main body set about clearing Saturday`s litter, whilst Anne and Jan looked to the dressing room area as per usual. Job done, it was back for a brew in the County Museum, where we were joined by Hartmut Heesen, a football supporter from Basel,Switzerland, who expressed himself pleased having been around Edgeley Park as part of his tour of `real football grounds in the UK`.   We also had to attend to sorting our Xmas Raffle, a must this year in the absence of our major source of income ( Car Boots ). There are 4 prizes ( pictured near the Xmas Tree) :- 1 st Prize:   A Wonderful Xmas Hamper crammed with goodies! 2 nd Prize: 2 Match Tickets 3 rd Prize : Bottle of Chivas Regal 4 th   Prize: Bottle of Sherry.   Tickets (