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2016 Supporters Cooperative Chris Thompson 5 A Side Tournament

In the publicity build up for this most excellent event, I was moved to opine that ` when the Stockport County Community Foundation get involved….it’s getting serious’.  The Chris Thompson Supporters Cooperative 5 A Side Tournament is indeed a very serious affair ,attracting 10 teams to the fantastic facilities at the Stockport Power League, on a bright but decidedly coolish post Xmas afternoon!    Inter The Pub. Yellowboard. Jimmy Savilla   Stockport County Community Foundation. Ajax Tress Down Fickle Fans United. Rubber Souls. Inter Ya Nan. Exeter Gently. Urmston Hatters. Serious...yes...but during the afternoon, Supporters Cooperative Events Manager, Dave Marchbank, took time out to acknowledge the wonderful spirit in which the games had been played- a fitting tribute in every respect to the late Chris Thompson! Dave Marchbank. The contests, from preliminaries to the final, were hard fought affairs , but