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Richard Landon Testimonial Saturday 2 August 2014 ( 3pm)

After a recent meeting of the Supporters Cooperative Board, Board member John Gaskin went to EP to see how the Working Party painting had gone on,but when there he noticed lights on and window open in the changing rooms so he popped in and found Richard inside  ironing club crests onto tee shirts for the club shop, and all this was going on at nearly 10-30 at night. Perhaps you are tempted to think this is an untypical event, but it is so not, and very typical of Richard Landon! Richard Landon is seen as a fixture in the County set up – not in any negative or put-down way, but as someone who is always there to make a real contribution, quietly, modestly and with commitment - and he’s been doing it under thirteen managers. It’s not unknown in football for the kit man to be overworked and under appreciated, invisible most of the time except as the butt of dressing room jokes.   Yet, Richard’s name is always mentioned with respect and appreciation for what he bri

Help the Hatters Update 41

    Working Party 14. Another switch from Tuesday to Monday , due to an ultimately none existent friendly match, put added pressure on the loyal band of Help the Hatters supporters , called upon to not only turn out again, but re-arrange their diaries as well! Happily that`s just what they did-Paul C responding by turning out before 18.30....doing the biz.....then attending the Supporters Cooperative Board Meeting- great stuff! We had 18   on site   for another go at getting close to the finish line as far as the Edgeley Park clean up is concerned. The major focus this time, was the tall fence fronting the car park, which you may recall was painted an anaemic green.    County Heaven contingent. This simply had to go blue , and the first to show up, the County Heaven contingent, were despatched to join Kip, who was already working on the first swing gate.   Fence gets done( pic by Darren Berry)  Kip might have been forgiven had he not been

County 1 Airbus UK 2 ; Pre-season Friendly 25 July 2014

County went down 2-1 to Welsh League high flyers Airbus UK   at a sun scorched Edgeley Park today. The crowd was a sparce 455, but the game was fairly competitive, and with Andy Preece`s side having the benefit of a few extra weeks together and the not insubstantial addition of European football under their belts already, the reverse was by no means surprising and definitely no humiliation! County had by far their strongest line up so far out today, but it was clear from the onset that former Hatter Andy had them well drilled ,   Andy Preece and staff. and the extra competitive games showed in sharpness all over the park. Ryan Wade scored two goals for Airbus, but he also rather overdid the sharpness , causing referee Pete Gibbon to call on Andy for a word part way through the game. Wade was perhaps lucky still to be on the field of play, offering a constant stream of clearly audible abuse to the officials and his opponents. He stayed on however, and despite

Help the Hatters Update 40- a tale of disappearing walls,camel turds,some brandy...a kebab and two funds!

Working Party 13 Despite the change from the normal Tuesday night, WP 13 attracted 17 County supporters of both genders and all age groups to Edgeley Park on Monday. With the highly successful Mike Flynn Testimonial just past, with another 2 games pending this week on the hallowed turf, there was much litter to remove from the stadium, so a good portion of the work force took on this task, clearing away masses of detritus. David actually found 2 brandy bottles and a partially eaten kebab in the Cheadle End Upper Tiers, and for a stadium where the patrons are constantly harangued about it being a no smoking stadium, Julie managed to shift a prodigious number of spent fag ends to a place of safety.   Luke & Will hard at work. Elsewhere painting went on in the Danny Bergara Stand where the walkway was at the fag end of its paint job. Walkway pic by Darren Berry.  Darren had come in early doors again to tape up and ready the area, to enabl