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Help the Hatters Newsletter 2020

HELP THE HATTERS NEWSLETTER 2020 A Message from John Fitzpatrick HTH Chair and Official   Club Ambassador    Welcome to our 2020 newsletter. As the current season draws to its conclusion and regardless of the final outcome we can take pride in our contribution towards the success of the club both during the current campaign and particularly in the 2018/19 Championship winning season. Following the clubs recent take over and with exciting plans both on and off the pitch, Help the Hatters will continue to work with the club and continue to develop initiatives and provide support at club, community and infrastructure level. We continue to be a self funded voluntary group with openness, respect, decency, fairness and equality at the forefront of our function. I would, yet again like to thank all of our supporters, benefactors and partners for their continued support. Funding   By far the group’s largest source of funding came from the