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Stockport County 1 Woking 1 ( Vanarama National League) Saturday 22 May 2021

          All photos and words by hedgegrower    Was I alone in this, experiencing this familiar but almost forgotten tingle as 3 o`clock neared today? That was something of a rhetorical question of course because all the 2100 or so who were lucky enough to be inside Edgeley Park today for the return of spectators to football, would have been experiencing the same excitement along probably with the massive army of County supporters throughout the globe, from SK3 to Tokyo and beyond who were not so fortunate. It would take more than an anticipated deluge of wetness to deter the County faithful, 100+ of whom turned up willingly to support their team despite knowing they might spend the whole game lashed by wind and rain in the uncovered Railway End. To a man and woman, we needed to be there, and …by the beard of Rubeus Hagrid…we were! In the days leading up to today, the usual complacencies abounded…. ” It`s only Woking, and we whacked `em comprehensively at theirs earlier th