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2083 Part 2

                                                       Ads on roof to follow........ The massed crowds strained at the barriers to get a glimpse of the 70 year old but none the less sprightly King George and his life partner Queen Gary accompanied by the beautiful surrogate Princesses Balbinda and Latifa. Although hugely oversubscribed – tickets had gone on sale at a conservative £950 each although it was rumoured that they were illegally exchanging hands for over £8000 apiece.   Beyond the estimated 160,000 crowd at the apex of Vulcan Way and Nimrod Avenue the huge stadium dwarfed all around it. Crowds of this magnitude had not been witnessed here since the old airshows that took place during the last century. The locals had raised major objections to a 120,000 all seater covered (retractable) stadium being built next to this idyllic part of the borough once known as Cheshire the revolutionary retracting design meant that aside from match days the entire structure and th

2083 Part 1

As the heat of the previous summer had faded away and the autumn chill took its place a small group of people, probably no more than fifteen in number gathered at the small memorial site. All it was really was a plaque and a small quarter scale metal model of a footballer, it was to have been brass but the funds could not be found for such a luxury. The fallen leaves swirled around in a mini maelstrom at the feet of the group of people. Although not yet 6.30 in the evening the sun had all but set. In the faded light one of the adult members of the group used his coat cuff to make an attempt to clean the plaque and read its wording, although over 60 years old it had been spared the worst of natures eroding forces and thankfully vandalism had been a rare and not fateful visitor. “ This spot marks the centre circle of the football ground known as Edgeley Park the home of Stockport County 1902 - 2020” The adjacent metal statue of the footballer glinted in the lights cast by the su

Histon 2 County 1 ; Conference North

                                                     Main Stand Glass World Stadium. Familiar defensive frailties saw County slump to another dismal defeat at the Glass World Stadium against   Histon today. Both sides had chances in an interesting first half,and when Turner had to be replaced just before the break, we were not unduly alarmed , and this view seemed just about right when, 2 minutes into the second half, Duxbury gave County the lead. County`s elation however, was short lived, as within 5 minutes Histon had equalised when Peterborough loan man Shaquille McDonald took advantage of none existent marking to head home the equaliser. Add another defensive blunder, by Tunnicliffe,with 11 minutes left and that was that.....County folded and the points were Histon`s! Desperately disappointing stuff then but none of this was clouding our vision circa 3 o`clock as the Flyer delivered us to within inches of what turned out to be a really decent

County's China Tour 2004-- Part 2

                                                            Main Stand- Yingkou.                                             After the first game, so soon after arriving in China, County had 2 days before their next match, against sister Club Laioning Tiger Star- 2 days filled with meetings with government officials....receptions.....fantastic banquets and about 5 minutes sleep. So....on 13 May, it was off to Yingkou for the Stockport party, who were greeted by a capacity crowd of 22000 in the picturesque stadium, in contrast to the small crowd that pitched up at the National Stadium .                                              County fans in the 22000 crowd-                                                      - yours truly back left! Laioning Tiger Star v  County      13 May 2004 The sun blazed mercilessly down on a crowd of 22000 at the excellently appointed stadium in Yingkou, as County, watched by a TV audience of many millions, romped to a convincing victor

Help the Hatters Update 24 ( including Tales from the Darkside).

Help the Hatters/Stockport County Supporters Cooperative HtH are looking to encourage their supporters   to get behind the Supporters Cooperative in the best interest of all supporters in these difficult times. In this respect they have agreed that initially 3 active people from within HtH ranks would put themselves forward for election to the Coop board , in the coming elections, with the view to working with   whosoever emerges from those elections. If elected to the Coop board, HtH will do all it can to support the above mentioned 3 in their work. Tales from the Darkside.......... On arrival at Booth Street, an eerie silence prevailed as the Brownmobile drew up in front of the locked gates. It was 06.15 and the darkness blanketed everything, nevertheless, despite Angie`s instruction of a 07.00 start, already the booters were lining up in droves outside the gates and beyond onto the highway- straining at the leash to get on site.                     

Lucy Burgess

Whilst Googling some while back I chanced across the site a site run by Stockport artist Lucy Burgess. A quick browse revealed not only some excellent County related works by Lucy , but others with a specific Stockport theme and many more. Why not give Lucy`s site a visit? Meanwhile I am pleased to say Lucy has agreed to write an article for the Blog , enjoy.........   I am Lucy Burgess I was born and still live and work in Stockport. I have a passion for painting and all things creative. I am at my happiest with a brush in my hand, whether it’s decorating the house, or adding the finishing touches to fancy cakes, every chance I get will find me painting something. I studied art as a teenager and Interior design as an adult, and worked as a visual merchandiser (window dresser) until my Children were born. It was only recently that I decided to get my work ‘out there’, a scary prospect being at the mercy of the wider pub