Lucy Burgess

Whilst Googling some while back I chanced across the site
a site run by Stockport artist Lucy Burgess.
A quick browse revealed not only some excellent County related works by Lucy , but others with a specific Stockport theme and many more.
Why not give Lucy`s site a visit?
Meanwhile I am pleased to say Lucy has agreed to write an article for the Blog , enjoy.........  

I am Lucy Burgess I was born and still live and work in Stockport.
I have a passion for painting and all things creative.
I am at my happiest with a brush in my hand, whether it’s decorating the house, or adding the finishing touches to fancy cakes, every chance I get will find me painting something.
I studied art as a teenager and Interior design as an adult, and worked as a visual merchandiser (window dresser) until my Children were born.
It was only recently that I decided to get my work ‘out there’, a scary prospect being at the mercy of the wider public but necessary for my progression , and was lucky enough to have a couple of pieces exhibited in Stockport Art Gallery over the summer.  Adding a bit of old with the new, so different generations can make some connection with the pictures is important to me, My recent painting of Stockport County being a perfect example, my husband kindly reminded me that in the 70’s football scarves were tied around your wrists, I had forgotten this. Next time you go to a game have a look I bet you don’t see anyone wearing them this way today.
 I can’t put myself under any particular ‘umbrella’ but the influences of ‘pop art’ and our own LS Lowry, have resonated with me. Have a look, i hope you like what you see.  I like simplicity /boldness and bright colours and tend to paint with acrylics.
You can check out my Facebook   page  Lucy Burgess Art or visit my blog ( see links) at

This is Manchester then and now, remember ‘Pips’ and Piccadilly Radio, how I wanted one of their stickers for my bedroom window.

                                                              The Crowd at County

After coming across some old negatives recently, I was inspired to paint my Stockport County picture with a nod to the 1970’s a decade of dreadful haircuts and bad fashion, but football fans remain the same, unwavering and resolute in their support for their team, through all the ups and downs.

Prints can be obtained upon request.




  1. Thanks Ian, It looks great,much appreciated.

  2. Brilliant, Lucy. Wish I had seen your County picture at the Art Gallery. You should get some greetings cards made. I'm sure they would sell very well.


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