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County 2 Solihull Moors 2 ; Conference North


Telford - the Promised Land?

You’ll recall that my personal holy trinity is proper football (not the sort played on TV by millionaires), proper beer (not pasteurised keg rubbish) & proper exploring (planned well in advance).
Well, as County aren’t allowed to play York or Shrewsbury any more, Telford is now the Promised Land.
Not only is there the opportunity for a long lunch in Shrewsbury on the way, & to crash down in a pub near Telford’s ground that serves 7 real ales, there is also Oakengates a 5 minute train ride away, which boasts 3 Good Beer Guide pubs near the station, serving about 20 real ales between them.
So, as I’m sure you can appreciate, the trip to Telford is my most eagerly anticipated trip of the season & involves a 2 night stop-over.
I’m so excited Thursday night that I can’t sleep & end up in Stockport way too early for my train. But all is not lost - breakfast at the Plaza Cafe.
                                                         MIAH starts his day.........

What a hidden gem …

AFC Telford 2 County 0 ; Conference North