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How the Devil Are Ya ?- 3

Our first item is a very welcome offering from one of our army of exiles …… A View From Abroad by Steve Jones! Its fifteen years since we decided to up roots and emigrate to the sunny Island of Cyprus. Born and bred in Stockport my father took me to my first game when I was six, from that day on I  was hooked. It was with a heavy heart when we left the UK, especially leaving my beloved club behind.  Had so many fond memories at EP, grew up with Ian Lancashire, we had some ups and downs, mainly downs with our team over the years. Steve at Everton v County- FA Cup 1996 People often ask who I support, when I tell them they say "who" what league are they in then? I have to bite my tongue and say it through gritted teeth, it matters not though County will always be close to my heart even thousands of miles away. So, what`s it like living in another country? Well, the warm weather of course, cheaper cost of living and in the curre

How the Devil Are Ya ? - 2

How the Devil Are Ya ? – 2 It was good to get this to start us off , from Peter( of Peter & Cindy) our banner bearers in the IoM…. Here at Chez Quirk on the sunny Isle of Man, I have been working from home, trying to stay disciplined ( see photo), by following a normal daily routine and  reminiscing with my son Jonny who is in SK4 about the Isle of Man Football Festival held annually. This   attracts mainly teams from Leagues 1 and 2,   and we arranged a night with the players, RW, Bish  and Andy Kilner at the Mannin Hotel off the promenade in Douglas on one occasion. Around 30 or so County fans who had braved the storms of the Irish Sea turned up to sup with our heroes of the day- Dinning, Woodthorpe, Flynny, Angell etc. It was a really good night with Q and A's to boot followed by a hotpot supper.   I cannot recall if this was the year that we won the tournament, by beating Wrexham, but it was certainly the one I recall the most.