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Stockport County 3 Chorley 0 ( FA Trophy 3QR) 24 November 2018

Of all the world`s mysteries, the question of why the Common Wombat ( Vombatus Ursinus) poos   square , has been a particular tough conundrum to crack.  Until this week that is , when the Guardian (who else) advised that evolution had come up with     square poo for the wombat because, that way it does not roll away – thus making marking their territory that much easier. In this respect County took a little time to mark their territory today, against Chorley in the FA Trophy, but once their supremacy was established   …. a thoroughly convincing performance from James Gannon`s side made relatively light work of seeing the Lancashire side`s challenge off with a second 3-0 win   inside 3 and a half weeks against Jamie Vermiglios’ team. This sets the blues up nicely for the challenge of facing National League Side Barnet in the FA Cup next Saturday, and it is probably just as well that they have been allowed the outrageous liberty of being able to

Blyth Spartans 3 Stockport County 2 ( Vanarama National League-North)20 November 2018

County`s upwards push took a knock last night when Blyth Spartans beat them 3-2 at Croft Park in front of 531 totally perished spectators. In terms of the amount of possession and opportunities the blues enjoyed this defeat was a real disappointment, although if you were to point to the display of home keeper Peter Jameson in mitigation, you would have a point as he frustrated County throughout with a series of important saves. Jameson- solid and confident. It was not that Spartans were in particularly irresistible form ….they decidedly were not, but they did the basics better than County ,and took the two real chances that came their way in the first half when the blues struggled to   nick the one they did , from a range of opportunities. Free kicks and corners came and went in quantity for the Hatters, but bar the one that Thomas applied a finish to, County failed to take advantage. County attacking early on.