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Happy 101st Birthday George !


Welcome to Pub 101 ? by Man in a Hat.


Ian Watts' County Challenge- 1


A Close Season Ramble – of the none hiking variety

Swapping away trips to places like Solihull and North Ferriby (well not next season) for mowing lawns and watering hanging baskets may not be to every fans liking ......

........but there you are, little choice, but at least we can savour the Euro’s ......

........if that floats your boat.

 The clubs cheeky little game in making us wait for the chance to buy next seasons season tickets is over and we can all speculate on the next signings, the pre season and all the ritualistic, eternally optimistic dreaming for the next time round starts to embed. I’ve been doing it for nearly 50 years and I could not stop now even if I wanted to. I suppose this happens to every fan of every club, every season whatever the status or circumstances. I feel sure that even if we could only field a team of 10 old age pensioners with a three legged dog in goals we would reckon that this formula would baffle all the opposition and we would walk the league. 

Strangely though I feel a little more muted this close…

EPWP 6 and Hedgegrowers 2016 Stat Blast !