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Quiz 3- Answers from Main Stand Moaner.

hedgegrower has decided it is time to put you out of your misery, so here are the answers to the quiz about men from the current Premier League clubs. I suspect the only man who could have got a high score on this one would be Janes Gannon who will have signed a fair few of the names below and played with another of them AFC Bournemouth Warren Feeney (joined County in July 2004) Arsenal Brian   McGreevey   (March 1957)   Aston Villa Jamie Ward (March 2006) Brighton & Hove Albion Les Cocker (December 1945),_born_1924)   Alternative answer as I am not sure Les was anything more than a war time guest with the Seagulls Albert Lumberg (May   1934)   Burnley Brandon Wilson (March 2016) First off, a neat

Quiz 3 from Main Stand Moaner

Quiz 3 Another variety of quiz. This time you are looking for the last player to join County from each of the current twenty Premier League clubs. For those of you who like me pay little attention to this level of football the teams are listed below. The source club could have been in any division at the time the players joined County and they need not have been a first teamer there, but the player had to go on to play a senior competitive match for the Hatters, When I tried to predict the answers before knuckling down to the research the dozen or so answers I was able to come up with were generally wrong, I got three, but I suspect some of you younger fans who do not spend most of your time moaning will get more correct. There were at least three more I should have got, so your target is probably about eight. The majority are from the 21 st century with one a couple of years before, and there are around a bakers dozen of loan men. Just to make it impos

Quiz 2- The Answers from Main Stand Moaner !

Quiz 2- Answers. A        For which club did future County caretaker manager John Hollins score against us in 1980. Arsenal. B        Against which country did Harry Hardy become County's only full England international (to date) Belgium. C        Who was the scorer of County's first goal in non-league for 106 years when he scored at Forest Green Rovers Not the gesture he gave County fans at Bath 2011/12 you understand!   Nick Chadwick D        Who were County's opponents for their Festival of Britain game   Drumcondra E        Which County player once scored a hat-trick in a FA Cup game and also spent time in goals in the same match Jeff Eckhardt F        For which club did England's World Cup winning goalkeeper Gordon Banks play against County a few years after losing part of his sight in a car accident