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Help the Hatters Review of 2014

2014 has been a challenging year for the Help the Hatters. In 2013 we saw John Fitzpatrick and John Gaskin, stand for and win election to the Board of the Supporters Cooperative.   John Gaskin.  Both continue to do a great job,John G is now the Coop Treasurer, whilst Fitzy,  continues to work tremendously hard in the interests of County fans, but has stepped back from Board activity. This does not mean that John G is the lone Help the Hatter on the Board, as long time workaholic Paul Charnock ( the Vicar) is a valued member of that elected body also.   The Vicar in action ! Help the Hatters have been as active in 2014 as they have in any year previously- that is to say very active! Our focus has been on keeping our Club alive and ensuring that supporters have as big a say as possible in any future that the Club may have!   Team pic- WP 4 With this in mind we have held the usual pre-season Working Parties at Edgeley

Bringing in the New Year in Wales by Man in a Hat.

Colwyn Bay will be my first stop-over outing since Hednesford, thanks to the bizarre decision by Chorley F.C. to reschedule their game with County, decreeing that playing in the Lancashire Challenge Trophy took priority!   When I found out about this scandalously disrespectful decision, the toys were well and truly hurled from the pram. I cancelled my B&B, returned my train tickets, and would have given my cat a good kicking if only I could have caught her.   Ceefur- a deceptively nimble cat ! I also ratted them out to Chorley Chamber of Commerce, highlighting that my decision not to travel would have dire consequences for the local economy, particularly for purveyors of fine ales. Unbelievably, I’m yet to receive a response regarding any action they intend to take, leading me to conclude that they must be in cahoots with the Magpies.      The Colwyn Campaign More complicated than you’d ideally like, this one. Not only will I have to

County 1 Colwyn Bay 1 ; ( Conference North) 26 December 2014

  A point was all that County could muster from a lack lustre affair at Edgeley Park today, against Colwyn Bay. `Ding dong merrily on high’ it decidedly was not, and it took County 30 odd minutes to shake off the Xmas lethargy and take the game to the Welshmen. that time the visitors were in front, and an awful goal it was too, of which more later, but a goal nonetheless, and it took a tactical re-jig by A.L. and almost 45 more minutes for the blues to get back on level terms, through a strike from Churchman that Josh Ollerenshaw in the Bay goal, got to but could not hold. After that, barring a scary last 2 or 3 minutes when County ran out of steam a touch, with their opponents looking just about the most disjointed side ( at the back) I have seen for a while, the second half was largely County`s, but with luck in as short supply as consistently good refereeing decisions , a winning goal eluded them in steadily worsening weather. Bright spots fo