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The Hat is Back .....and heading for Hednesford !

My first stop-over trip following County this season, combined with my never-ending search for great real ale, is rapidly approaching. Hednesford hear I come! As you know, you can find all of the pubs I try on the excellent CAMRA website This season, I’ll be submitting a preview ahead of each trip, outlining my plans. Also, following feedback from my mentor & boss, Hedgegrower, this season I will actually be wearing a hat! I’ve also been instructed to get pictures of the Blue Army on the march, so you have been warned! Other than that, my general approach will be the same as last season, namely, trying not to get lost too often, trying as much real ale as possible, & searching out the Blue Army. I’ve already been on good form this season. After the game at Stalybridge, I confidently marched a select band of the genuine hardcore down to a boozer on the canal called the Millpond, only to find it boarded up! I hastily

County 3 Lowestoft Town 0 ( Conference North) 30 August 2014

Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Death Rode the six hundred. "Forward, the Light Brigade! "Charge for the guns!" he said: Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred. OK.......perhaps today at Edgeley Park was not quite Balaclava 1854 revisited, and neither Mick Chapman nor Ady Gallagher are as dumb, in the leadership department, as was Lord Cardigon back then. It might just be appropriate to add also that as for bravery, the   600 far outstripped a very disappointing Lowestoft team that came to Edgeley Park unbeaten and left it shell shocked and well and truly thumped, by a County team who had too much zest and fire power for them. For County it was another chance to make up lost ground, and they did that with some assurance, their 3-0 win sending them up to ninth spot in the division. The match was a very low octane affair for the most part,

Help the Hatters Update 43

It`s a week or two since last you had an Update to flick through, and I hope this one proves of interest. With the Close season Working Party`s behind us, and with the warm glow of achievement from 14 excellent efforts , we have turned our minds to other things ,hoping for sunnier times on the playing front. Car Boot. Angela Moore kept at it,   and set about organising another Car Boot at Booth Street. As you know these are doughty fund raising affairs but are pretty labour intensive. In the event Angela charmed over 90 booters onto the Booth Street site, she and her excellent team ensuring a decent income for Help the Hatters ( and ultimately the Club), and earning our congratulations as well for a job well done! Playing Budget Fund. This has been pretty well covered publicity-wise and is now up and running. In the region of £3k has been raised thus far( equivalent of £1.5k shares to the Supporters Coop). Supporters wanting to donate should