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Chesterfield 1 Stockport County 2 ( Vanarama National League ) 17 October 2020

     All Photos in this Report taken by hedgegrower.       Stockport County swept to the top of the National League with a 2-1 win against an exceedingly combative Chesterfield side at their Derbyshire home last night. The victory was County`s fourth on the bounce and well deserved being wrought from a situation that was right out of the Chesterfield/ County playbook- both teams wanting it and giving everything , and then some, to get it! In charge of the `then some` for Spireites was the redoubtable Tom Denton. Every team that plays against him comes away with some degree of angst about him…but most would have him in theirs` in a heartbeat.   County attacking- Denton defending !       For County it was the angst bit, as far as old Tom was concerned yesterday, and I stopped tallying up the Denton` body count`.at 2 ( Keane and Minihan). But ultimately , as pneumatically impactful as he was, the Chesterfield number 24 could not stop the County juggernaut, as buoyed by more inspir

Above and Beyond

This, and all other photos by hedgegrower   I felt it important to recognise a group of people. A core group of perhaps no more than twelve individuals with around five or six others who in the most difficult and challenging of times have gone beyond the call of duty in service of our wonderful club and the people and wider community around it.   If you cast your mind back to the days of mid March when some of us assembled at Maidenhead United for that somewhat surreal ‘last game of English Football’   We all knew that something quite new and different was upon us all although none of us could have predicted with any certainty how different all our lives were about to be become. As what we referred to as ‘lock down’ enveloped us and most of what we held dear was forbidden and in most cases for good reason postponed or cancelled. We saw promotions and play off places decided by a calculator as were relegations. Yet amidst all of this something good was stir

Stockport County 3 Dover Athletic 0 ( Vanarama National League) 10 October 2020

    County did the biz today , taking all the points with a thoroughly professional 3-0 win against a Dover Athletic side that fought all the way to thwart them, at Edgeley Park. But James Gannon`s side had too much nous and savvy for the men from Kent, especially in a second half that was comprehensively transformed by the introduction of Alex Reid immediately after the break.     Alex Reid- changed the game !   Reid was in the mix from the off , feeding off the prodigious out put of the excellent Richard Bennett.    Bennett- in it from the start !         The duo gelled brilliantly creating something from nothing all over the park. Add John Rooney to the County equation and they were starting to look irresistible - 2 goals from him a handsome but not undeserved return for a typically combative afternoons work from the Merseysider.   Rooney - so competetive !       All this ignores another important element from today`s game- that shut out, and it was another straight out of J