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Help the Hatters Update- May 2019

So ……a rare re-visiting of the old tradition of publishing Help the Hatters Updates via hedgegrower. It`s been a busy 5 or 6 days following the Interim Schedule of Works put together by John Gaskin and Adrian Caville. Archive pic of Adrian by popular demand ! By Wednesday of this week both the above will be sunning themselves elsewhere- on well earned breaks, whilst others slave on….. In this respect it was great to welcome Alan back, and he was in fine form committing whole days to the task of power cleaning the Pop Side , on his own or with the redoubtable Ray.  Alan raring to go !   and doing the biz! We have already reported the start of work cleaning the seats in the Upper Tiers of the Cheadle End, where our incredulous toilers were nonplussed to find bird crap on seats even that far back!   Another income stream suggestion for County- they market the stuff in other parts ! It was also brilliant to receive as a County Museu