Formal Minutes of Fans Group Meeting

Minutes of Fans Group Meeting 
28th August 2013
Blossoms Hotel

Martin White opened up the meeting.  The message is that it is down to the fans to be unified to put the club right.  The purpose is to discuss plans and to action, to have a core leadership team put in place to act on the fans behalf.

Martin stressed we need to act professional, to tone down comments on various fans message boards to highlight to Brian Kennedy and the Council etc. that we are serious, committed and that we mean business.  There will be some discussions with the above where confidentiality is needed. 

Items discussed were:-
  1. Community Asset at Edgeley Park
  2. Leadership team
  3. Fund Raising
  4. Need to nominate 2 x people to meet with Brian Kennedy and Stockport Council
  5. To unify all county fans with a proper communication plan
  6. Volunteers skills sets
  7. Shareholders/club
  8. Loss of sponsors
  9. Co-op

  1. Community Asset

  • There is an urgent need to attempt to secure EP.
  • Possibility Stockport Council receptive to such a move.
  • Stockport County Supporters Cooperative has an application for Community Asset and will be submitted shortly.
  • Co-op has been talking to Supporters Direct to establish case studies to back up the application.
  • Co-op have a secure bank account (Development Fund Account) which is legally bound and any money deposited can only be used to purchase assets.
  • Help the Hatters indicated a willingness to make funding of £1.000 available to the co-op to enable them to offer free or low cost membership, it is up to the co-op to consider the suggestion.
  • Urge all supporters to join the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative as the best vehicle (protects supporters with their legal structure)

  1. Leadership Team

  • Paul Charnock, John Fitzpatrick, Mary McGhee, Dave Schofield and Martin White nominated.

  1. Fund Raising

  • To be discussed at next meeting.

  1. Brian Kennedy & SMBC

  • John Fitzpatrick and Dave Schofield were voted to meet with the above to discuss Edgeley Park ownership.

  1. Communication

  • Need to get a broad fan base involved – get all united.
  • To inform fans of action plans put in place to try to get Stockport County out of its current plight.
  • Statement in MEN, Stockport Express.
  • Create flyers to be handed out.
  • Use social media websites and Pure radio
  • To contact Mark White, Adam Moss and Jamie Summers to support with comms.
  • Ian Brown to cover the on line/ email communications for the group.

  1. Volunteers Skill Set

  • Need a list of fans skills which include Legal, Media, Printers and IT etc.
  • Co-op to advise if any specific skill set help is needed with Community Asset etc.
  • Contact professionals (legal & PR) who have offered their services to the group.

  1. Shareholders/Club

  • Chris Bramhall has spoken to several shareholders and is hopeful that they will also write off debts.
  • Lines of communication with the club should be kept open.

  1. Loss of sponsors

  • Many business people have decided against sponsoring at Stockport County, fans group felt we needed to engage with them to utilise their expertise and in time to encourage linking up with county.
  • Obtain the list of ex-sponsors.
  • To arrange a meeting in the very near future.

  1. Stockport County Supporters Cooperative

  • Working behind the scenes since April 2013 preparing paperwork etc.
  • Co-op evaluation pitch to be launched 12th September 2013.
  • New web site and payment system in place by 12th September 2013.
  • Elections coming up.
  • Anyone who is a member by the end of September can stand and vote at the end of October.
  • Urge all supporters to join the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative as the best vehicle (protects supporters with their legal structure)

Date of next meeting

  • Wednesday 4th September 2013 – The Blossoms Pub for a 7.30pm start


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