Some Wot I `Did' Earlier !

For some time now I have been fielding growing criticism over the quality of my photographic work.
I am perplexed and not a little annoyed , and I must warn people that a writ several......
People say that I am just hopeless and point to this effort as proof....
I must was an honest attempt to capture Phil Jevons as he did a bit of pre match strengthening work at Skem- it is just not my fault that he is lightning quick!And....that is his heel captured in full along with the `Keep out of the Penalty Area' sign.
In addition some people question my dedication and resourcefulness and point to the fact that the estimable Sue Corton managed to get a belting photo of the team on Saturday when all I came up with was.....
                                           .....but I did get everyone on....including Sue!

I have even had my technical ability doubted, folks citing my output from the County v Bolton game recently to aid there arguments.
True.....maybe.....the odd one might have possibly lacked a little something, this one perhaps......
............but again even David Bailey had his off days- and it was way past my bed time!

In conclusion then, I ask for you to be both patient and tolerant, as well as mindful of the imminent arrival of a swingeing writ should you not be.

Ian Brown


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