Sea of Blue- A Historic March points to the Future!

Stockport County can add another date to the fulsome list of historic moments for the Club......Saturday 21st December 2013- the day when County supporters united and took to the streets of the Borough to save their beloved Club.
It was a massive occasion with nearly 500 marching - a truly awesome sight as they swung left from Castle Street towards Edgeley Park. 

The route taken was steeped in history starting at the Nursery Inn, the place where County( then Heaton Norris Rovers)changed when the Club moved to Green Lane in 1888- taking in the Wycliffe Congregational Church  whose members ,in 1883, first formed the Club, and going past the sight of the temperance bar ( sadly not there now)where their plans were first hatched-on past Stockport`s Town Hall to Edgeley Park.

There was so much history involved that it was tempting to forget that it was County`s future that was at the forefront of marchers minds, as much as our historic past.
Steve Gibbons is to be congratulated for his magnificent effort in putting this whole thing in being. Steve made no secret of the aims which I roughly paraphrase here:-

1.     To end the culture of `Blue Sky Thinking’ at the Club that has seen us lose our FL status
2.     To persuade non active shareholders of the Club to donate their equity to the active one`s.
3.     To support those active shareholders to engage with possible sources of investment.
4.     To improve communications between Club and supporters and work for a greater say in Club affairs for the supporters. 11.30 the supporters started arriving at the Nursery Inn which threw open its doors to welcome them.
Heading for the A6

By 12.30 ,with around 350 on site we were ready to roll, and a photo session later we were off ,passing Green Lane , County`s  home in 1888, heading for the A6.
                                                   1888 and all that !
It was an awesome sight to see the column swing right after they had stopped the traffic at the lights, massive flag in front held aloft by Pat96. There seemed to be no animosity from the inconvenienced motorists, and this was to be the norm throughout as passing cars tooted support and supporters joined the march in 3`s and 4`s.  

It was not long before the march, now nearing 400 in numbers, past the Wycliffe Congregational Church, whose members first founded the Club back in 1883. Were their ghosts watching us? Probably not, but if they were I am certain they would be proud of what they saw, as a chorus of  `The Man from Uruguay ` rang out- to the accompaniment of supporting `toots` from passing cars!
Passing Wycliffe Congregational Church
                                  Mersey Square and a brief dawdle near the Xmas Tree.

 before Wellington Road South`s hill was tackled taking the march towards the site of McLaughlin`s Cafe where the Wycliffe people met to chat and no doubt organise!

Then it was the Town Hall and the historic frontage was taken over by the  marchers who covered the steps and pavement area.

The march had made so much progress, so quickly ( brilliant job martial’s- well done and thank you!)that a stop was necessary at the Nelson ensuring the column did not start off again before the advertised time. When it did set off again, numbers had swelled once more and to see the column, six or seven abreast, covering the length of Greek Street was truly humbling!

Past the Armoury........down Castle Street.....a left turn, and it was off to Hardcastle Road , and what a great sight greeted the eye as the march came to a halt outside the players and officials entrance to give vent to some considerable emotion.

It had been an emotional occasion.....a historic occasion.....a credit to everyone involved...... well done everyone- now it`s up to the silent shareholders to respond...quickly....and for us to see that it happens!

Ian Brown    

Further Gallery;-
Organiser Steve Gibbons.

Arrival home !

A Historian and a man in a hat!


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