Help the Hatters Update 24 ( including Tales from the Darkside).

Help the Hatters/Stockport County Supporters Cooperative

HtH are looking to encourage their supporters  to get behind the Supporters Cooperative in the best interest of all supporters in these difficult times.
In this respect they have agreed that initially 3 active people from within HtH ranks would put themselves forward for election to the Coop board , in the coming elections, with the view to working with  whosoever emerges from those elections.
If elected to the Coop board, HtH will do all it can to support the above mentioned 3 in their work.

Tales from the Darkside..........

On arrival at Booth Street, an eerie silence prevailed as the Brownmobile drew up in front of the locked gates.
It was 06.15 and the darkness blanketed everything, nevertheless, despite Angie`s instruction of a 07.00 start, already the booters were lining up in droves outside the gates and beyond onto the highway- straining at the leash to get on site.

                                                           Is anybody there ?

Come 06.30 and Angie had done the biz and opened up , letting the booters loose along with a good hand of helpers and a few hopeful punters.
The first task for all was to avoid drowning in the Council`s least prominently advertised outdoor swimming facility ( the puddle).

                                                     Anyone for a swim ?
Booter numbers were down, so the task of sorting suitable sites for both sellers and buyers was consequently less of a trauma than usual.
A fantastically friendly atmosphere prevailed throughout and, despite the early start, I can thoroughly recommend the experience for any County supporter wanting to ` do something for HtH and thus the Club'!
                                          They shall not pass.....well....not without paying
                                                                                      -anyway !

That was the last Car Boot of the year, so a massive thank you goes to Angela for lending HtH her organisational genius throughout the year, and to the hard  working band of helpers who have turned out selflessly  in all weathers!
Brilliant stuff- can you wait for next year though? If you cannot then do not despair, watch out for details of the Indoor Car Boot`s that HtH  have planned  ........hmmm...lovely!

Vernons Kids Initiative.

The Telford game on November 2nd is likely to be our next involvement in this . Please keep a look out for details of how you can help.

Goody Bags

Help will probably be needed in putting the goody bags together for the Kids Initiative.
Again...please look out for details  of how you can help.

Social Evening- Rocky Horror Graveyard Show.

8pm - Friday 1st November at the Romiley Theatre
NKTA presents their brilliant Halloween Cabaret Show (Corporate Performance on Friday), tickets are priced at £12.00 each, with that you get canapes on arrival, (I am unsure if you get a buffet with that as well)
Fancy dress if you want to.

If anyone would like to go they can email Natalie Tye  s.a.p -pay Fitzy on the night.
IO County
Ian Brown


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