Memorial Day 2021




Memorial Day 2021


Today was a special day in the County Family`s calendar- the day before the first County match is traditionally the day when County supporters forget everything else going on in the world and meet to honour the memory of those no longer with us be they Supporters, players,  Club officials, managers or staff!




The focus chosen is the grave of County fan John Hall but the thoughts of those present are on every member of the County Family now deceased, and the last 12 months has taken a great toll on our numbers in that respect, and we can all think of someone in this category- sadly missed …but never forgotten!

The Royal Scot is the venue of choice usually and organiser Ian Lancashire settled for Marple Bridge`s top watering hole some years ago and there`s no one I know who thinks that this is anything other than a good choice.




There was a good turnout for this the 20th Memorial Day, as faces familiar and not so familiar mingled affably each one as excited as the other about tomorrow`s game and the potentially momentous season it prefaces.

The atmosphere, as usual, was excellent no doubt helped by the fact that many had started the action circa 11 am!



By 2.30 it was time to drift inside and toast all those now departed this life, and there was a terrific atmosphere at the bar as dosser led us on a clutch of vibrant County anthems!




In this regard it was good to see a larger than usual presence from the Club- a very welcome sight!

After the toast it was off up the hill to the graveyard, and John Hall`s grave, and I am sure the incline was not as steep in 2019!




No matter there was a splendid gathering at the grave side where following eulogy`s from Ged Gibbons,  Pete Towey ( Supp Coop) Marcus Heap ( SCAN) and Steve Bellis for the Club( who had provided the wreath), and a clutch of County supporters, some of the younger County supporters present laid the wreath on the grave.





After a minutes, beautifully observed silence, it was back down the hill for the concluding toast. The general air of good spirits that was evident again, augurs well and if some of it can be transferred from fans to team on a regular basis……………






Yours truly left around 4 and………… happily………. Memorial Day was still going strong – it was ever thus, and hopefully always will be so.



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