Paint, Wind a Load of Rubbish and a Bent Floodlight!

To Paint.

Across an ocean of canvas white
A stroke of beauty comes to light
The patterns even, contrast, and fair
Complexity in the mind created with care

Do not allow a single smear
To blotch the canvas and make unclear
What blossoms made with hand and mind
What intricacies you will find

Jacob Traver

Let's face it..... there is nothing quite so irritating as someone afflicted by `Pretentious Gittery' I will open with an apology. You will by now realise that  I have my pretentious git head on today and there is more than the above opener in store for you dear reader should you venture further into this  offering , an update on an amazing couple of days even for Help the Hatters!

It started on Wednesday, which you may know is not a day set aside for Help the Hatters  E P Work Party's.

With the Cheadle End paint work almost complete, but still needing some attention, Ray, Keith and Liverpool Hatter Richard ignored this and turned up to finish the job.
The first aisle needed completing so  Ray set about this......

....whilst Keith was intent on finishing the Disabled Area at the rear of the lower tiers........

Liverpool Hatter Richard did the  Wednesday snapping taking time off for the odd selfy.....

Great job guys , the stand looks a treat now!

On to Thursday then, with John Gaskin at the helm, we had 18 out in various corners of EP doing stuff, although a few less were on hand at the break for the ritual team photo......

The primary target was set as the application of yer Oxford Blue on the Railway End rear wall, and that was sorted with gusto.......

At this point I lapse again to acknowledge the driving wind that ,ridiculously had the writer adding thin layers to combat this ( nothing quite so bad as the wind folks is there?)

Bowing To the Wind.

See the branches bow
down to the incessant wind,
the leaves join in the dance.

Steven Beesley

Steve shows greater enthusiasm than I could muster!

Meanwhile....elsewhere...sestras Anne and Jan  set about converting a real neglected mess in the car park.................

.......into something more fitting for the home of a great Club on the rise.................

 They were joined by Edd, and when I left ,having done a great job, they were looking for other areas in the car park to clean up ...fantastic!

Before I left however I was able to clock Simon and others doing a similar clean up job on the Pop Side Refreshment area....judge for yourself, before.....

........after ( love it !)...........

David tootled about in the Cheadle End, whilst Ralph , amongst other things ,restored to working order a clock located amongst the car park debris.....

So....just to lighten up a bit, whilst continuing the pretentious git element, I finish with something from Spike Milligan with no particular relevance to the above....

You must never bath in Irish Stew.

You must never bath in Irish Stew,
It's a most illogical thing to do,
But should you persist against my reasoning,
Don't fail to add the appropriate seasoning.

Quite so......sessions next week....Monday from 10 am  and Thursday from 6pm- mainly litter picks after the Saturday/ Tuesday games.

Oh...and its the latest Car Boot on Sunday from ridiculous o'clock.
If you can help at all at any time to suit yourself twixt 7 am and 1 pm, please  contact

Oh....and it was great to see the floodlights bowing in the wind as they were given their periodic check out..... 




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