Help the Hatters Update 47

Well.....what a week......a momentous one really in which County supporters gained a shareholding in their Club , and boosted Alan Lord`s push for promotion with the first transfer of funds from the fans Players Fund to A.L`s playing budget. 

Bung W.P. 5( note new signage!)
This has added to the buzz already reverberating around SK3, and is in no small measure due to the joint efforts of supporters organisations Help the Hatters, and the Supporters Cooperative, who continue to work together productively and constructively to prove `Stronger Together’ to be much more than a nifty tag line!

The Vicar, up a ladder !
Prior to today, there have been 4 previous Working Parties at the Bungalow adjacent to Edgeley Park, and much has been done to transform the club and make it somewhere that County supporters are happy to spend time in. Loads more needs to be done in addition, but be assured with Fitzy in the mix these issues will gradually get tackled. If you dear reader are in doubt....think Manor Farm, and the outstanding job Help the Hatters did with a team of volunteers- we can and will do it again!
Furrowed Brow & County 1883 hard at work!

Initially we would like to transform the area around and to the rear of the Bung into something akin to a picnic that fans can relax in. The work has already started and today`s joint Coop/ Help the Hatters W.P 5, made a substantial start ,doing more painting along with some clearing up of rubbish from the car park and around the back......

Mike Hopper on a mission !
..........and the new signage is up as well....and it looks great !

 Ideally we would like it to be ship shape for Saturday 8th November( the day of County v Brackley at E.P.) when it is the intention to hold a Bonfire Party after the game- FREE TO COUNTY FANS AND THEIR FAMILIES. 

Help the Hatters rep on Coop Board- John Gaskin.
With the Bonfire` do’ in mind, there will be a sixth Working Party next Sunday 2 November commencing at 9 a.m. at the Bungalow. In addition we invite donations of fireworks if you are in a position to assist with this. We have a truly spectacular event in mind, where fans can meet...relax with friends/ family enjoy a drink and some food. So make a note of the above mentioned dates for starters and make a note to drop in on match days, as already the agreement with the Bungalow for them to make regular contributions to the Players Fund from match day drink takings, is working well! Oh.....and don’t forget the branded pods that are placed around E,P. ( 2 main stand/ 2 Cheadle End) where you can make a cash donation to the Fund to help the push back to F.L. status!
Lots being done......lots more still to do......, and all this action requires funds and whilst Help the Hatters have been successful in attracting ( largely unsolicited) donations from supportive individuals and companies in the past, we have always insisted on being self reliant and thus been vigorous in our attempts to generate our own funds!

Final Gate Crew of 2014 ( +1)
The  bedrock of the above strategy has been the Car Boot Sales  we organise on a regular basis. Sunday 19 October saw the final Car Boot Sale of a busy year held on the Booth Street Car Park, and despite the impenetrable darkness prevailing in the area, the queues of booters wanting to gain entrance and pitch up, thronged up to and beyond Greek Street, an hour before the allotted start time of 7 a.m.

Pilot Chris on Terra Firma....
In the event the whole thing went off magnificently well though- a team of just 9 Help the Hatters volunteers ensured that organiser Angela Moore`s meticulous action plan was carried out to the letter. Well done Angela.....well done everyone who made the effort!  

Organiser feeding troops( top)a man working with his wife( below)
As I say then.....much done.....plenty more to do, so with this in mind Help the Hatters have called a business meeting of their supporters for this coming Tuesday 28 October commencing 7 p.m. at the Bungalow.

The agenda for those interested is:-

1. Treasurer report (Mike)
2. Players fund update
3. County young players initiatives
4. Car boot
5. Community bonfire at the bungalow on Saturday 8th November
6. Christmas ideas and initiatives
7. Saturday 22nd November local rock band at the bungalow
8. AOB

The blog  continues to go from strength to strength ,having passed 155000 hits earlier this week. We now have over 250 articles, on a range of subjects, for the discerning County fan to peruse, and by golly ...are you perusing –the monthly average hits ( page views) now regularly around 14500( over 3500 a week), so I hope this is an indication that the published items are of value and interest!

And finally........

................. I was too late, unfortunately to put in a bid for that pair of majestic knickers previously belonging to Queen Victoria, that went for a snip price of £6000 this week....but I note that I still have time to get tickets for the following upcoming events organised by the Supporters Cooperative.......

Friday 12 December. Xmas Party at the Magnet Freehouse on Wellington Road North.

Cost ; £ 6.50 for members/ £8.00 non-members ( includes a mystery present!)

Tickets can be obtained via

Saturday 15 November.  Band Nite  at the Bungalow ( 7p.m.)

Cost £5- pay on the door.

Ian Brown


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