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Stockport County 2 Wigan Athletic Under 21's 1( Friendly) 26 July 2016

It was a bit cooler at Edgeley Park last night, but ….on the pitch the football was as hot and watchable as ever as County overcame another pre-season hurdle in the shape of Championship club Wigan Athletic’s Under 21 side.

Wigan sent a decent squad to hopefully see off the blues, and they looked a side that could play a bit at times. Kesi Omolokun did his level best to stem the County tide throughout the game, and was the visitors’ top man along with keeper Nicholls, spending virtually the whole of his time deep in the Lancashire clubs territory fending off the efforts of the likes of Danny Lloyd, Scott Duxbury and Courtney Meppen-Walter all of whom were in rampant form. Lloyd was in Wigan faces from the first minute until the 63rd when he was substituted.

Kesi Omolokun-  top performer with Nicholls for Wigan!

 His absence thereafter did not reduce the threat factor however as Duxbury just increased the revs some more down the left, powering his way into the opposition half. Scott’s all round game really is back to its best, and  his energy and skill finally won the game for County, as he laid a neat pass into Glenn Rule’s path – it was  job done as the County substitute smacked the ball home! 

This was just reward for County’s organisational nous that had bamboozled a decent Wigan side, much of the time. Meppen-Walter  bossed the midfield majestically , providing authoritative cover to a back four that ,as a result, was seldom threatened, and going forward he was unlucky a couple of times with thumping drives.
Meppen-Walter in top form.

If this report  reads pretty much as the previous one did I make no apology….it is a reflection of how Jim’s got County playing on the park…..they all know what is required… it…and seem comfortable  doing it. This is particularly evident  at times when you might reasonably expect cohesion to go to the dogs, namely as the substitutes begin to appear in numbers . Again however…last night….. those that came on merely added something extra to the mix whilst keeping the shape largely intact. I have spoken of Minihan before and he was a shining example of this again – a constant threat down the right, and I continue to like Craig Carney who seems to fit our requirements to a tee!

There was another reasonable pre-season crowd on board in the Danny Bergara Stand ( 412 and 1 piglet I am told- more on that later) as the game got underway with County on the attack with Meppen-Walter all over the visitors back line as keeper Lee Nicholls dived to push his early effort around the post. Within a minute though the ex City man was back again forcing another diving save from the keeper who tipped the shot over the bar in spectacular style.

The first 5 minutes or so were all County it must be said, and Wigan…..looking to hit County on the break……found Duxbury in immaculate form …his tackle stopping James Boyd’s run in its tracks.
On it went much in the same vein…..Meppen-Walter again unlucky to see his latest effort whistle a foot or so wide.

It began to look like the blues would see this challenge off in peremptory fashion , as Danny Lloyd had spent much of the first 10 minutes linking up with Meppen-Walter, Duxbury and Marsden to terrorise their opponents. It was working …………as  the otherwise excellent Omolokun hauled Lloyd down on the edge of the box! This ushered in a free kick and a definite scoring opportunity, but although Marsden hit the target ,he found Nicholls again in tip top nick between the sticks ,and it stayed 0-0 as he clutched  the ball to his chest under pressure!

The free kick......

....the save !

Nicholls was playing a blinder, and only the bravest of dives from him did for another Lloyd run   a minute or so later, after more good work by Meppen-Walter, but County had to be wary of Wigan’s liking for hitting us on the break, and it again surfaced next through the ample frame of forward Sam Cosgrove who was only stopped by the timeliest of tackles from Chris Smalley, who had Michael Clarke alongside him on this occasion at the centre of County’s defence.

At the centre, at the back, for County!

Wigan were seemingly energised by that last sortie , and County had to defend a couple of corners in quick succession before resuming their preferred attacking mode via Lloyd who , after good work from Gary Stopforth, missed out by inches with a decent strike.

The County charge was on again then, and it took the combined talents of Adam Anson and Alex Lingard to subdue Marsden as he darted clear into the box. That was good work from the Wigan twosome….what followed was less so from captain Josh Gregory who was moved to attempt an early shirt exchange with Danny Lloyd as he burst clear for the umpteenth time. The foul went unseen by the officials and probably served its purpose as Lloyd’s shot went the wrong side of Nicholls left upright.

On…..on …it went with Lloyd narrowly kept from a tasty ball from Stopforth by the excellent Omolokun. There was some quality work coming from County now  and a cooperation twixt Amis and Lloyd , at this point, deserved better.

Yes… was still very much County in control, but there was still that need to watch out for those pesky Wigan breaks , and 23rd minute saw another, and it was a relief to see Cosgrove stretch vainly to get to Boyd’s cross. Again the action prompted more from the visitors and Ormson did well to deal as Wigan did their best to capitalise on a rare free kick.

Twice after this …with County pushing forward relentlessly…..Wigan were indebted to Omolokun who cleared under pressure as Duxbury pinged decent crosses over. Lloyd and Meppen-Walter were in the mix too, Lloyd once more tantalisingly close with a shot.

Wigan kept trying…..Boyd just unable to reach a cross from Anthony Plant, but in the main it was County in the van- Meppen-Walter a fag papers width away with a drive of colossal force.

A quick drink for Lloyd as a Wigan player was tended to by their trainer, and the briefest of words from JG, and it was nearly 1-0 as he was inches away from close in.
A couple of minutes passed, with the County pressure building and building, before at last County squared that circle with a goal. It came via a corner on the left   which Josh Amiss put away with unerring aplomb in the crowded box!


That was good stuff, and it almost got better straight away ,and via Amis again. Duxbury had just forced another corner with his latest lung burster down the left. Wigan , when given time on the ball, looked well able to use it, but in defending the corner they paid the penalty of dwelling overlong in possession  and Amis, now on fire, robbed them of it. Goal number 2!? It might have been because Amis then leathered a belter goal ward….but it wasn’t as Nicholls again excelled himself- his dive seeing the shot round the post at the last gasp!

Amis lets another rip !

Wigan were under the cosh now big time and Omolokun did well to see that Lloyd did not get to Marsden’s ball at the sharp end, as the pressure mounted on the Lancashire side as Lloyd, Meppen-Walter, Marsden and Amis all took turns at piercing the visitors defensive armour.
The 41st minute saw Ormson make his second good save of the night following a free kick when Duxbury was adjudged to have fouled Callum Lang. The save was a belter and deserved the applause it received from the crowd.
Top stop by Ian Ormson !

The last few minutes saw Omolokun in the van stopping a wave of County attacking. He must have been exhausted….but his efforts were worthwhile I guess as it ensured his side went in at the break just 1-0 down.

OK …what about that piglet then?

Well…….`Only at County’ as they say,and  the half time whistle signalled the arrival pitch side of County’s Special Adviser to the Board , Steve Bellis, who this time had said piglet in his arms with just about everyone clamouring for a photo. Here’s mine……

Mr Bellis....a piglet...and a devoted County animal lover !

Back to the football then, and it seemed a more even game for a time after the break, but County again went closest to adding to the score line when Marsden was thwarted by Omolokun after Nicholls had been harried into uncharacteristic error by Amis.
County were looking good again as Duxbury and Stopforth both saw shots climb over the bar.

Minihan had replaced Ross shortly after the break, and Wigan looked distinctly ruffled as County continued to press.

Minihan- always impresses !

A great run from Lloyd promised much, only for that man Omolokun to intervene at the last moment to thwart Marsden in the act of shooting. Seconds later and Lloyd was there again…bursting clear down the left, and again the pass on was excellent and a goal looked on , but Amis was just unable to force the ball home from a yard out.

Lloyd on the charge !

That was disappointing but not as much as what followed , as a quick break saw Cosgrove home alone in front of goal where he was able to lob Ormson and make it 1-1.

Wigan must have fancied they had a chance or two after that last action, and a foul by Meppen-Walter on Lang, added grist momentarily to this particular mill. But when the kick hit the County wall, and Duxbury ferried the ball clear, it signalled a return to offensive duty for County, but not before JG had shuffled his pack somewhat.

Amis, did well...scored !

On came Odejayi, Spencer and Carney at the expense of Lloyd, Marsden, and Amis- a complete change in offensive personnel! 

That Wigan free kick.

Twice after this, Meppen-Walter drew applause from the County crowd. First off via a neat bit of work at the back to nullify Cosgrove and Plant’s efforts to score again, and then at the other end where a really wicked drive from him fizzed its way inches wide!
County continued to push on, none the worse for the changes, and with about 15 minutes left, they got their reward. Inevitably perhaps it was a left wing run by Duxbury that laid it on. 

Goal winning cross coming......

He had company as he burst clear and headed for the by-line, but he made light of this putting a great ball into the box where Rule and one or two others in blue lurked. Perhaps Omolokun might have dealt with the threat….but he didn’t and Rule did the rest sending a lethal strike into the net to give County the lead.

Rule tested the keeper a time or two !

The last 15 minutes saw County do anything but sit on their lead, as they sought a third goal . Meppen-Walter was to the fore in this respect and not far away again with a late effort set up by neat work from Rule and Duxbury.

It went on….County pressing….Nicholls pulling off yet another top notch save to deny Rule at the death, on the end of a Carney cross.

A blast of the Referees whistle eventually told us it was `game over’, and it had been a good one….another testing tie, nicely negotiated by County.

I am suitably enthused ahead of the new season and before it Saturday’s game at Macclesfield.

Dare you miss that? I do not think so….see you there!

Stockport County line up:

Ormson, Ross( Minihan 50), Duxbury, Meppen-Walter, Clarke, Smalley, Stopforth( Rule 72), Montrose, Amis( Odejayi 63), Marsden( Spencer 63), Lloyd( Carney 63).

Subs not used;


Wigan Athletic Under 21’s line up:

Nicholls, Plant( Donaghey 89), Lingard, Omolokun, Anson( Stubbs 72), Taylor, Boyd, Gregory, Cosgrove, Randall, Lang( Powell 89).

Subs not used:

Lavercombe, Forecast.

Attendance 412( + 1 piglet)

Ian Brown    

Monday, 25 July 2016

The Birthday Effect- Part 4 ( Unbridled Joy !) by Man in a Hat

So here we are at last, the final part of The Birthday Effect, the chronicle of an intrepid band of County Supporters, not only determined to get to every away match during the 1996 / 1997 season, but also attempting to get a phantom birthday announced at each ground, adding a year to the age each time.

Advocates can re-read parts 1, 2 & 3 by clicking on these links:


However, to save you time, you will recall that the record of The Birthday Effect up to this point (having just beaten Middlesbrough away) was: played 18; won 12; drawn 5; lost 1, the only loss having been for the 83rd birthday at St. Andrews, with County bowing out of the FA Cup.

The stats when The Birthday wasn’t read out were: played 6; won 1; drawn 1; lost 4, the only win occurring at Turf Moor when the Hatters knocked Burnley out of the League Trophy, despite playing with 10 men, conceding a penalty & the 84th birthday not being announced.

Highlights to date had included:

§  68th birthday printed in programme at Millwall 2nd October 1996
§  71st birthday displayed on giant scoreboard at Blackburn 22nd October 1996
§  80th birthday proclaimed on Boxing Day at half-time at Wrexham with County  2-0 down, who then went on to win 3-2
§  an invitation from the announcer at Crewe for the birthday boy to come onto the Gresty Road pitch before the game to mark his 89th on 4th March 1997

The chap at Crewe had looked sillier that the old Stockport Express Mascot from the early 80’s!

And, you’ll recall that this tale is true in its entirety. All details of The Birthday Effect can easily be checked & verified by anyone who wishes to do so.

Saturday 15th March 1997 - 91st birthday read out at Peterborough, actually during the game (85th minute)! County cantered to a routine 2-0 win, all but relegating their hosts.

Tuesday 18th March 1997 - 92nd birthday not declared at Carlisle. 2 minutes of undisciplined madness saw the Hatters lose 0-2 in the League Trophy, leaving them a mountain to climb in the second leg of the Northern Final.

Saturday 22nd March 1997 - Dave Jones’ team won 2-1 at Notts County, courtesy of 2 own-goals, despite the 93rd birthday not being pronounced.

The instigators of The Birthday Effect were getting worried. Requests were being announced less & less often. Not surprising really, given that the age increased by 1 each time, thereby amplifying the improbability factor.

But, it was too late to turn back now, the plan had to be seen through to its unnatural conclusion. County’s whole season could depend upon it!

Gaining promotion without help from The Birthday Effect seemed about as likely as getting Pete Winkelman to pose for a photograph wearing my top hat!

However, the band of travellers overseeing the initiative, did take heart from the fact that the lads on the pitch seemed well able to graft out good results, birthday or no birthday. So, perhaps not all was lost?

Bizarrely, they’d worked out that if The Hatters ended up in the play-offs, the 100th birthday would be celebrated at Wembley. This would surely expose the fraud, leading to trouble for all concerned?

Tuesday 1st April 1997 - 94th birthday proclaimed! County battled to a 0-0 draw at Bournemouth, on a night when other results went their way, leaving them 4th in the Division.

Tuesday 8th April 1997 - 95th birthday announced at Plymouth. Another battling 0-0 draw for The Hatters.  

Wednesday 16th April 1997 - Gillingham. The 82nd birthday had been requested over 3 months ago (you’ll recall that the game should have been played 11th January), so it came as no surprise that it wasn’t read out. Predictably, County lost 0-1.

The playing squad was starting to feel the strain. Well, they had already played 62 games, so some fatigue & injuries were inevitable.

And, the effect was also being seen amongst the merry band of supporters who set out to attend every away game. Supporters were falling by the wayside at an alarming rate.

Just consider the grueling schedule above. Bournemouth, Plymouth & Gillingham, consecutive weeks - all mid-week!

One had missed games due to a toe operation, another due to suspension following disciplinary problems, another due to a knee operation. One even had a heart attack! All true, gentle reader. All perfectly true......

Saturday 19th April 1997 - 96th birthday not announced at Preston. The Hatters lost 0-1 again!

Had the wheels come off the wagon? Would the birthday ever be announced again? Would County even make the play-offs?

Monday 28th April 1997 - following Preston, The Hatters had won 2 home games & therefore a win at Chesterfield would ensure promotion to Division 1 for the first time in many generations.

The wisdom of not instigating The Birthday Effect at the very start of the season was now clear. Had it  been so, surely a birthday would already have been read out at Saltergate when County played Chesterfield in the first round of the League Cup back in September 1996.

And by that logic, the chances of getting a further birthday read out later in the season, at the same ground, would be zero, wouldn’t it?

Hopes were high that the 97th birthday would haul The Hatters over the line.

And so it proved, with the 97th birthday clearly announced as the players left the pitch at half-time, with County leading 1-0. So loud was the declaration, that the players also heard it. Some players punched their fists into the air, rightly realising that now there was no way they could lose! Go watch the video - now!

The reaction amongst the Blue Army was also unbridled joy. County were going to do it! They could now enjoy a final day out on Saturday for the final game of the season away at Luton (the plastic hatters).

County defended like demons during the second half. Chesterfield could have attacked all night & not scored.

County were up, thanks to The Birthday Effect!

That’s right, The Birthday Effect. Promotion had nothing to do with excellent man-management, good organisation, gritty defending & players going the extra mile in a 67 game season. It was The Birthday Effect that got County promotion.

For the record, the 98th birthday wasn’t announced at Luton on Saturday 3rd May, or at least if it was, none of the organisers of the scheme heard it!

So, the final record of The Birthday Effect was: played 22; won 14; drawn 7; lost 1.

Figures when the birthday wasn’t read out were: played 11; won 2; drawn 2; lost 7.

Quite remarkable when you consider that by definition, all of these games were played away from Edgeley Park.

And your narrator promises you, that everything contained within these lengthy journals is true!

Thank goodness the new season is nearly upon us, so that you can get back to watching The Hatters, instead of reading this drivel!

Man in a Hat

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Stockport County 4 Blackburn Rovers Under 21's 1 ( Friendly) 23 July 2016

County racked up another excellent bit of preparation for the 2016/17 National League North season today, with an impressive win  against Blackburn Rovers Under 21 side at Edgeley Park.

The margin of victory was 4-1 and that more or less said it as it was, County having bossed proceedings throughout, barring a brief period late in the second half, as County rang the changes. Goals from Marsden and Lloyd before the break, and Amis and Carney after, sealed the win for the blues, with Mansell netting one for Rovers,  that  momentarily looked to threaten a Lancastrian revival, until County applied themselves again late on and re asserted their hegemony .

It was a decent test though, and should serve County well, as they await the rigours of Division 6. 

We again got a good chance to run the rule over a set of County names and faces largely new to us.

A few certainties that we have perhaps assured ourselves of, were underlined today maybe….firstly….

Duxbury on song again.
......In Minihan and Duxbury, County have two fullbacks blessed with a firm tackle and an ability to push on to good effect- they again looked top grade performers, as did Ross and Smalley in central defence, particularly Ross who gave us a match long master class in raking pin point passes, invariably to the feet of a team mate.
 Ross was excellent! In midfield Stopforth, Meppen-Walter, and Montrose looked sound throughout, drawing applause from the crowd more than once! Up front Lloyd and Marsden started and both scored and underlined, for me, that we will be well served going forward this term, with Odejayi’s subtle headers likely to cause mayhem to opponents . 
Danny Lloyd, another good showing.

Between the sticks for County Hinchliffe was not overly busy, and one spill apart looked the part as he has done every game this pre-season.

Best of the subs from the bench was Craig Carney who scored a snorter. Amis did well too netting a penalty to snuff out the mini Rovers revival that briefly flickered into life. There was a new….old face given a run out as well…Scott Spencer , and he did OK looking interested and involved in the 20 minutes or so he was on the park.
Scott Spencer captured by Andrew Machin.

OK….back to 3 o’clock ….and County were first to show, and it took a foul on Danny Lloyd to stop him. Lloyd took the kick, and it was a decent effort, that did not miss out by much.

Two kick....

From Andrew Machin .....

and myself.

For Rovers , I thought Ryan Nyambe looked to be offering them options down the right at this point, but his cross was dealt with by Smalley efficiently and any thoughts of Rovers snatching one early on promptly vanished.

Close call.........

County continued on the front foot, Marsden winning a corner down the left. Keeper Andy Fisher had to go full stretch to deal with the flag kick from Lloyd, that followed, but it was enough to deny the blues.
County press.....

If Rovers were seeking a respite…..none was on offer, as Minihan surged clear down the right forcing the keeper to again make a save to keep it 0-0.
Job done up front…..Minihan than tracked back to snuff out a break from Josh Askew, and applause rang out around EP as the County number two emerged from the challenge with the ball.

On it went….Matty Platt’s foul on Odejayi setting Lloyd up with a free kick opportunity. He hit the wall, and his follow up failed to test the keeper, but it was beginning to shape up like another stonkingly good County performance…..could we crown it with a win?

Big K -in good nick today.

Meppen-Walter, Duxbury & Lloyd certainly tried to start that particular ball rolling . A good move from the trio resulted in Lloyd winning a corner, from which Meppen-Walter saw a fiery effort charged down. Odejayi was quick to pounce on the loose ball but his shot drifted wide much to his and our disappointment.

Meppen-Walter & Montrose ponder Stopforth's free kick.

Where were Rovers in all this? Well…they were trying, but with no success….Duxbury looking on top of his game whilst cutting a break by Connor Thompson off in brilliant fashion with the firmest of tackles.

Duxbury stops the rot !

That was 18 minutes in….another 2 minutes and Mansell worked himself a chance to shoot. He missed the target but as a range finder perhaps he would think the effort had value!
The 22nd minute brought us a moment of brilliance from Mark Ross. From deep in defence the County number six unleashed a magnificently weighted and flighted ball directly to Odejaji on the edge of the box. Big K treated us to the first of many deft flick on’s in response, and Lloyd was away ! Lloyd did the right thing….hit the target…made the keeper work, but the keeper’s work was  sound, and it stayed 0-0.

Lloyd & Odejayi in combative mood...

County’s control on the game looked to be pretty much complete- Meppen-Walter going close with a header after Lloyd had beavered a corner off Nyambe, and Lloyd testing Fisher with altogether his best effort yet. Only a goal was missing!
Beyond the half hour mark, I began to wonder whether County were going to make their superiority count.  Lloyd and Marsden did their level best to make it so, but their collaboration over a free kick, 31 minutes in, just failed to punish the offender sufficiently- Marsden’s kick narrowly missing out after a neat dummy from Lloyd.

Lloyd's dummy.....

The 33 rd minute brought us another of those moments of brilliance from Ross, as another belter from him thoroughly filleted the visitors back line, reaching Odejayi near the back post. Odejayi then placed an immaculate header back inside to Marsden who promptly leathered a ferocious drive home…..1-0!

Marsden ,scored a cracker!

Lloyd was inches away from a bouncer in the box next as County sought to increase their lead

For Rovers…..Nyambe still looked their best bet, but he had Duxbury on his case, and when he did manage to get a cross in there was Ross and Smalley to contend with and the duo did the biz with but a few minutes remaining of the half. This good work allowed Meppen-Walter to clear County’s lines. Marsden won a corner not long after this …. Lloyd & Smalley joining the fray near the keeper’s right hand post as the kick came over. The County central defender was poleaxed midst the melee that followed and…as Lloyd extricated himself from same….he was brought down , stepping up in double quick time to slam the resultant penalty into the net beyond keeper            Fisher’s dive.

Kick on way by Andrew Machin.

And...its in.....

As seen by Andrew

and myself .

Job Done !
That was 2-0 and very pleasing, and would have been 3-0 had not Joe Grayson dished Stopforth’s lively run with an inch perfect tackle.

Meanwhile …Ross continued to ping in these quality long balls into the box, but, despite this cheering fact, there was no further addition to the score, and the teams went in, at half time, to a good response from the crowd.  
Odejayi goes close ( Andrew Machin )
County continued to press upon the re-start- the best of a series of moves seeing a header from Odejayi hit the bar from a Lloyd corner after Smalley’s goal bound header had been cleared off the line by Platt.

Odejayi  ready to challenge Platt.

It was full revs from the blues now and both Lloyd and Stopforth were unlucky with efforts. Twice Minihan had surged clear, and twice …somehow been kept out. A foul on Odejayi did seem to offer us the chance to get another, but with Ross and Meppen-Walter vying for the ball at the back post, Fisher clutched the ball to his chest much to County’s chagrin.

Minihan again had a good game.
Although County were having the large majority of possession, Rovers were making an effort, it was just that there was nothing whatsoever on the end of it all, and County’s back line as a result looked rock solid!

With Lloyd going close again, County started to ring the changes bringing Carney and Amis on for Meppen-Walter and Odejayi. Carney was in the action straight away with a telling ball that switch play nicely, only for keeper Fisher to spoil the party with a confident catch.
Corner on the way...
....sorted by Fisher.
Another Minute on from that last action…..another Fisher save as he acted firmly to deny Amis….another 2 minutes and again Fisher excelled ,his save thwarting Marsden’s efforts to apply a finish to another neat pass from Carney.

Seventy minutes had now gone, and Rule and Spencer were now on the park in place of Marsden and Lloyd.

The flow from County persisted despite the changes and Fisher did well to deal so cleanly with Amis’s header from Minihan’s cross.
Fisher again !

County pushed on …Spencer’s header just missing out, after good set up play down the right from Amis.

There were less than 10 minutes remaining now, and Stopforth and Montrose had left the scene in favour of Abadaki and Clarke.

Within a minute of the last changes, County shipped a goal as Mansell sneaked clear to slot one home, thus halving his team’s arrears.

For a minute or so , after this, it was tempting to think that perhaps the pendulum would now swing dramatically against County, and the sight of Smalley heading out from under the bar from Askew’s cross, did nothing to dispel this unworthy notion.
 Alarmingly…Nyambe joined in, but after forcing a corner he watched in alarm, I guess, as Thomson’s shot climbed and climbed into the almost empty Railway End.
Spencer did see a shot on the turn charged down, but at the other end, Nyambe was still working his socks off, setting another one up with the neatest of crosses. It was a belter…..I might have netted it……maybe…..but somehow …free at the back post, Hinchliffe having failed to cut the cross out, the forward fluffed the easiest of chances.

That was a crucial miss…. a pivotal moment for sure….as County surged clear …Amis's nippy run being rewarded with a penalty as he was upended when about to shoot.

In it goes....3-1

 Amis duly stepped up to smash the ball home from the spot…it was 3-1!
Amis on the charge !

That I think did for Rovers spirit and County piled forward in an effort to do it even more harm.
True to form…..this intrepid reporter had just put his camera away ( well it was the 91st minute !!) when Carney sidled forward just beyond half way to slam a pile driver home off the keeper’s left hand post!.

Late try by Spencer.

What an excellent way to end a decent match…..well there was time for Carney and Spencer to win us a corner after the last goal, but not time enough for us to take it.

Another close call.

Game over….job done…well done County.
Looking forward to Tuesday’s game no end …see you there then!

Stockport County line up:

Hinchliffe, Minihan, Duxbury, Meppen-Walter( Carney 62), Smalley, Ross, Stopforth( Abadaki 77), Montrose( Clarke 81), Odejayi( Amis 62), Marsden( Spencer 70), Lloyd( Rule 70).   

Subs not Used:


Blackburn Rovers Under 21’s line up:

Fisher, Nyambe, Askew, Grayson, Magloie( Doyle 86), Platt, Thomson, Travis, Mansell, Renkin-Costello, Haworth( Rittenberg 55).

Subs not used:

Powell, Mois, Pemberton.

Attendance: 415

Ian Brown