Stockport County 0 Sutton United 0 ( Vanarama National League )18 January 2020

After all the emotion of the last couple of days and the entirely understandable outbreak of optimism amongst County supporters resulting fromMark Stott`s arrival hereabouts, and the unprecedented impact he has made in such a short time, it was perhaps a certainty that today`s game would have something of the anti-climax about it.
On the back of a resounding beating versus Dorking, and the fact that JG had had maybe a couple of days and one training session to bed 3 new signings in, I was not expecting too much pre match-a narrow victory perhaps, at best, and no more.
It was a way removed from the `football fest` Dorking treated us to, just a few days ago,both sides largely cancelling the other out making for not too great a spectacle, both working hard but struggling to take control , without having too many clues as to just how to achieve that.
There was a terrific game long battle between Ben Wyatt for Sutton, and Adam Thomas , with honourspretty much even, and a decent showing for Co…