Help the Hatters Update 41


Working Party 14.

Another switch from Tuesday to Monday , due to an ultimately none existent friendly match, put added pressure on the loyal band of Help the Hatters supporters , called upon to not only turn out again, but re-arrange their diaries as well!
Happily that`s just what they did-Paul C responding by turning out before 18.30....doing the biz.....then attending the Supporters Cooperative Board Meeting- great stuff!
We had 18  on site  for another go at getting close to the finish line as far as the Edgeley Park clean up is concerned.
The major focus this time, was the tall fence fronting the car park, which you may recall was painted an anaemic green. 
County Heaven contingent.
This simply had to go blue , and the first to show up, the County Heaven contingent, were despatched to join Kip, who was already working on the first swing gate.

Fence gets done( pic by Darren Berry)

 Kip might have been forgiven had he not been there at all, as after donating his time and skills for weeks making the Players Entrance and surrounding corridors look absolutely top draw, he now has to make good the area nearest the Entrance, where a hole of not insignificant size now blights his good works, due to an accident involving a Club  employee, in the week.

Brew Time.( pic by Darren Berry)
 Subsequent arrivals were sent to increase numbers , and at the end of the evening, only the last swing gate and the small portion thereafter of the front fence needed painting. This will be sorted next week.
Ralph , as usual was atop a ladder ,and got some good work done on the  external beams around the ticket office and Club Shop area.
And what did you do? I hear you exclaim excitedly, and with a hint of irritation!
Well`s like this.......John Gaskin, having been fingered by myself over the `Camel Turd Incident' ,took ample revenge by dispatching me to toilet duties- cleaning the Railway End bogs!


The `Camel Turd' issue by the way, continues to excite the populace , and a lively debate still rages in County Heaven as to whether `nest', as used in Update 40, is the correct collective noun for Camel Turds!
Back to the job in hand though, and whilst I can see why I had deserved the role of bog cleaner, just what Julie, Natalie, Sarah and the saintly Fitzy had done to deserve the same fate ,is a thing of great mystery.
No matter we set about it with unprecedented vigour and the job was covered pretty well by the end of the session. Only a coat of grey is needed now next week!


And so to next week, and it is back to Tuesday ...Tuesday 5 August..... starting 18.30....entry via the Railway End gate. During the evening we hope to give all those who have helped on Working Party`s throughout this close season a small thank you. The intention is to provide barbeque style food to end the evening after just a few small jobs  get some attention. If you have turned out for  Working Party`s this close season, we look forward to seeing you!


Cast your eyes to the right and you will see a skyscraper link  to ` Football Blog Directory'. You may recall that shortly after the birth of the blog, I attempted to get us listed on the directory, without conspicuous success. However.....amazingly the blog is now listed, and I am well pleased I can tell you! Visitors to Football Blog Directory can find us ......Categories/ Non League / Conference North.....


You will have noted some fine photos in this edition I hope. This is down to the fact that a fair number this week have been supplied by Darren Berry, who comprehensively out snapped Blog hack Nigel Farago! To emphasise this point I finish with another Dazzer gem, taken looking towards the Cheadle End last night- really good stuff!

pic by Darren Berry.
 Oh ...... and if you are checking HtH numbers or arithmetic, on the first pic by Nige.....18 is reached by the 12 in the pic plus Nige ( taking pic) plus 4 others who left the scene sometime after 8, plus Vicar ( Paul Charnock) who was in well early to finish off a job he had centred on.

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