Help the Hatters Update 40- a tale of disappearing walls,camel turds,some brandy...a kebab and two funds!

Working Party 13

Despite the change from the normal Tuesday night, WP 13 attracted 17 County supporters of both genders and all age groups to Edgeley Park on Monday.
With the highly successful Mike Flynn Testimonial just past, with another 2 games pending this week on the hallowed turf, there was much litter to remove from the stadium, so a good portion of the work force took on this task, clearing away masses of detritus. David actually found 2 brandy bottles and a partially eaten kebab in the Cheadle End Upper Tiers, and for a stadium where the patrons are constantly harangued about it being a no smoking stadium, Julie managed to shift a prodigious number of spent fag ends to a place of safety.

Luke & Will hard at work.

Elsewhere painting went on in the Danny Bergara Stand where the walkway was at the fag end of its paint job.
Walkway pic by Darren Berry.

 Darren had come in early doors again to tape up and ready the area, to enable himself, Will, Luke and Neil to then do the biz. This they did to magnificently good effect, and they simply did not need someone to wander in from the street, and blunder into and over the freshly laid yellow, but that is just what one individual did, and showed nothing remotely resembling remorse thereafter either!
Meanwhile smoke arose from beyond the stadium where Supporters Coop Board Member and WP stalwart Paul Charnock, who has put in some serious hours for the various WP`s this close season, and Big Fella from Marionsboard who has done likewise,  were busily demolishing an unwanted wall near the car park. The work was completed without any scares and alarms, and I must admit the approach to the car park looks altogether better now- well done you two!

Kip Akram by 8 o`clock, was ready to go home, and it was no surprise as he had been in for most of the day working on the Players and Officials entrance area and doing a terrific job too! Kip was still there in his overalls on Wednesday as the Dev Squad kicked off against Academica, after another long day transforming the Players Entrance and near by corridors to something approaching pristine condition. Fan.....tas.....tic !

Cllr Murphy receives a cheque for £350 from Luke Chetham.
Around 8 pm, Councillor Chris Murphy, the retiring Mayor of Stockport, and total County fan, arrived to meet the group and receive a cheque for £350 towards the Mayors Charity Fund , presented on behalf of Help the Hatters by Luke Chetham . It was a nice moment and another chance for Chris to show off his magnificent County tattoo!

They thought we hadn`t seen them, but we had !
Before the re-start of work, there was just time for Luke and Neil to head off to the Pop Side, where they gave special attention to their own seats.
Attention switched latterly to the car park where brushes and shovels were in evidence as another small mountain of rubbish was moved elsewhere. I particularly enjoyed shoveling up the nest of camel turds from one parking spot( I call fellow shoveler John Gaskin as my witness)!

And here they are, plated up afterwards.......well they are considered a delicacy in some parts !

No caption needed !

The evenings labours over, I headed for home still gob smacked and in awe of the volume of good work supporters are putting in for their beloved Club. It is....truly amazing! 

And......the following is one benefit derived from participation in WP`s...., late views of EP like this one kindly provided by Darren.....

Would supporters wishing to attend the Working Party (14) this coming week, please note that , due to County playing at Glossop on Tuesday, the WP will again take place on Monday, that is Monday  28 July 2014, entrance via the Railway End gate from 18.30
Subsequent Working Party`s will revert to Tuesdays.

Players Fund Update.

The following has been lifted from Marionsboard, with the permission of Help the Hatters Treasurer Mike Hopper, whose update this paraphrases....

`I Thought I would post a quick update of the Players Fund account after being live for 5 days.

For those who don't know me I am Treasurer of Help the Hatters and it is our 2nd Co-operative Bank account that has been made available to facilitate the handling of money donated.

As of early today the total balance for the Players Fund stood at £1,740.04 which is a good start.

Help the Hatters will hold the money raised in this account until instructed to release money to the Club.’

That is impressive news Mike, and good to see the Fund off to a good start.

Oh..................and the blogs `donate button’ has......don`t laugh too loudly please.....rattled up £62 thus far in donations, £50 of which has already  gone from paypal to the dedicated fund account.


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Ian Brown


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