John Fitzpatrick Interview

There was no morning after feeling  for inspirational Help the Hatters Chairman John Fitzpatrick, after playing such a crucial role in bringing about the deal that saw young Rhys Turner secured for County.
He was still buzzing when I spoke to him early today and was happy to speak to County supporters on the subject.
" I was delighted to be able play my part in facilitating the deal that sees a terrific young striker snatched from under the noses of a clutch of other clubs and playing for County"
Asked about the likely impact of the deal John opined " It`s a situation. The player benefits from continued association with Alan Lord and Ian Bogie`s experienced guidance.....the Club gets a fine prospect and one that scores goals too......and the supporters get something to perk them up in these difficult times."
Continuing John  expanded on the effect on  Help the Hatters who were central to the deal and are funding the players wages.
"This initiative came from Help the Hatters and was not the response to any request from the Club.The agrrement is that should Rhys progress to such an extent that County get a fee when he negotiates a move on, then HtH , will benefit from the return of the moneys paid out.The intention then would be to look to assist Alan and Ian by holding that money prior to re-investing it in a player again should an urgent need occur in what we hope will be better times ahead.In short its a plan to assist Alan and Ian and get us moving again as a Club."  
 He went on " I hope the news has generally boosted our supporters morale- it certainly seems to have from the early reaction we have received.Help the Hatters is an independent supporters organisation and welcomes any one who wants to give their support be that by turning up and helping out at one of our projects,  sustaining us by purchasing our merchantise ( Yearbook on the way soon!)or the occasional donation.
The continued support Help the Hatters receives from individual fans is both fantastic ,much needed,and appreciated. Please keep it up ....keep the faith, and we`ll see County back in the Football League before you know it"

Well said John.

Ian Brown


  1. Absolutely brilliant!! Help the Hatters are the only supporters group that fans recognise as having a really positive effect on the running of this football club.

  2. There were some supportive comments on YB in response to the interview earlier, which was good to see!


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