Help the Hatters Update- 18 June 2013.

More than 20 turned out again last evening to assist at the latest Help the Hatters- EP Working Party. The ultimate target is of course to have the work completed before the first league game on 17 August ( assuming it`s at home), but as the first game of any sort is Rodger Wylde`s testimonial game on 9th July, it becomes apparent that matters press rather more urgently upon us than at first glance seems the case. So.....a massive thanks to all who have thus far turned out( and seen their pictures in the Stockport Express)along with another appeal for anyone minded to join us . Just turn up at EP between 18.00 and 18.30 next Tuesday ( June 25)and `the jobs a good un'.

It is perfectly clear even  at this  early stage, that things are motoring as far as the Yearbook is concerned. As I indicated last time, Andy Birchenough and his team ( particular thanks to David Wright for his excellent work on the Away Ground Guide)are well on with the job, and way past the planning stage with several  interviews and much... much more already sorted. Andy`s making a huge effort and is arranging to sell the finished article via the Club Shop( and the streets around), Amazon and Apple Store- fantastic Andy!
Launch date is provisionally set at 26 July which means that the aim is to have it ready for the Social Evening at the Armoury on that date.

Yes....the 26 July date is now confirmed for the Social Evening at the Armoury. Further details will follow but invites have gone out to Ian Bogie and Alan Lord......and a number of current and ex players, so it should be a top night!

Before this though....on Sunday 30 June ,to be precise, Help the Hatters are organising the latest of their Giant Car Boot Sales at Booth Street Car Park.
This event is a massive fund raiser but very labour intensive, thus this is by the way of another appeal for bodies on the 30th.
If you can turn out ,any time between 06.00 and 13.00( you will not be expected to do the whole 7 hours!) , give Angela a ring please on 0786856394 or email her on Angela does a terrific job in regularly organising this event, so thank you Angela !

That`s all for now Hatters.

IO County.

Ian Brown


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