Help the Hatters Update 68

Hello…..I thought that for this Update I would concentrate ,mainly, on looking at the Bung on a pre match Saturday and just point to the essential cogs that go towards a successful pre match hour or so, with all the consequent benefits that then accrue for Club and supporters.
“Seemples”…..I hear you cry, but is it….is it just a case of fans turning up at the Bung……downing a pint or three……and that’s it….magically the Players Fund is inflated again by another pile of dosh?
Well……no….it isn`t simple…..Help the Hatters have to plan the session and provide bodies and minds to ensure it actually goes to plan.
First off the food has to be provided…..OK …’s mostly pies but these are purchased ( usually by Fitzy, John G or Dawn) beforehand and placed in the warming cabinet ready to sell at ridiculously low prices( No Tesco rip off here!).

Barbara, Jules, Pat, Nats and Karen are the flexible workforce who can be called on to oblige with the food, and on occasions when there is special demand this can be really helpful.

By the time 1 o’clock has arrived the two John’s and Hopsky are usually on board and the place will have been bedecked with Help the Hatters publicity material. 


This of course includes Gold Bond Lottery literature which is particularly relevant as by signing up for the lottery, through Help the Hatters, supporters earn a significant commission for the organisation. For just £4.33 per month fans have a chance of winning £1000….each week, so why not consider this option- you can access the necessary sign up form here

..........................................and` be in it to win it’.
Help the Hatters are also supporting the Non League magazine and copies can be purchased via ourselves at the Bung. The cost is £3 for what is a very high quality article with loads of local relevance, and a quid of the £3 goes to us, so again please consider purchasing the magazine this Saturday.

OK… things are in full swing now…the first card has probably been filled and someone in our midst will have Reece or Lewis or other of our younger supporters to thank for a few quid extra, and more dosh has gone towards the PF!
There might also be a SCAN presentation to organise, or a visit from the Manager maybe, for sure there’s a lot to pack in on what should be, County form notwithstanding, a relaxing afternoon.
No time to relax however for John G who has assiduously kept his eye on the Pods throughout this and last season. The Pods have made a significant contribution to the Players Fund thus far, and there are now Pods on all sections of the football ground excepting the Railway End.

So….that’s a quick run through of what goes on and by whom it is done…..everyone is welcome to come and help out …….we do not have members....just supporters without who we, and the Club, would be bushed!

See you all pre FCUM then this Saturday !
And finally……

News from the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative…..
Loads happening, as far as the Coop is concerned with events in the offing all over the place.Here are a couple of items.....

Christmas Cavort.
This popular event goes ahead on Saturday 12 December at the Magnet on the A6, featuring headline band Shifty. Doors are at 7pm and it will cost you just £8 for this excellent evening! Tickets from any Coop Board member, direct from dave marchbank on 07785 432562......., or online ( with no booking fee) from

Boxing Day Food Bank
In support of the Wellspring the Supporters Coop will be staging a Food Bank effort ( similar to that done so effectively by Curzon Ashton when we visited their place) before the Boxing Day fixture at Edgeley Park against Harrogate.
County Supporters have been magnificent in their support of the Wellspring who have been very appreciative of the donations of food and clothing we have regularly dropped off with them on your behalf. To support this latest effort please bring food items to the Cheadle End Coop Stall,or hand to a Coop Board Member. There may be a separate stall either in the car park of near by, but watch out for confirmation on this one.

Other stuff….well….the Supporters Cooperative awaits confirmation of the 2016 Hatters Half Marathon which was such a massive success, and we can give early word that there will be a Supporters Coop presence at the Stockport Beer Festival in 2016…..details will be forthcoming soon.
Stronger Together?........Definitely !!

Ian Brown 


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