Help the Hatters Update 67

Welcome to the latest update from Help the Hatters, a group of Stockport County supporters dedicated to doing stuff to the benefit of our beloved Club, rather than talking about it.
With the number of updates and calls for Working Party`s slacking off a touch in the last few weeks you may be tempted to think that we were doing nothing, but then that would be wide of the mark. For sure we have not needed quite so many `mob handed’ working parties as most of the work in and around Edgeley Park and indeed inside and outside the Bung, has been done, and anyway….the usual suspects who turn up come rain or shine to graft away need some down time do they not?

Err……hang on…..did I just say….`down time’?

Tell that to Kip Akram, one of our number who has continued to work on the concourse and can now point to the Connors Bar which has now been completed – that is to say all the walls have been painted in the required shade of blue and white, replacing the previous shade which had more than a touch of the Etihad about it. 

Well done Kip……who  received  willing support most notably from Daz Berry, Ed , David and others …..great stuff( The two photos in this para and the header pic , all supplied by Darren!)

On then to another Help the Hatters supporter , indeed another who puts himself out for others regularly and can be spotted …bleery eyed at the gates of the Booth Street Car Park circa 6am on Car Boot days having travelled from Ashton to work for Help the Hatters. Yes….I am talking about Graham Privett , and Graham was in glorious action again recently , raising dosh for Walthew House- an excellent Stockport charity catering to the needs of the visually impaired.

What did he do ? Well ….whereas the average person would perhaps toss a coin Walthew House’s way , Graham decided to abseil down the Bell Tower at the Trafford Centre , raising £733 for Walthew House so far. Grahams My Donate account will still be live, so feel free to donate to such a worthy`s your link to.....

Want to see the man in action? Here goes then…..the event was captured on film, so follow this link if you want to see Graham  in action. Graham & a colleague are in  blue Walthew House t-shirts from about 40 seconds - 50 seconds (Graham nearest camera). 

 You will be aware of the brilliant effort that raised £6000 for the Players Fund via `Neil Young’s Gold Rush’ This was a magnificent effort, and Help the Hatters were happy to weigh in and help and the moneys raised was very much appreciated both by the Club and Manager Neil Young who took time out…rearranged training and bobbed into the Bung with his team to receive the cheque from Lee Worrall!

In responding towards the end of the Presentation event, Help the Hatters Treasurer Mike Hopper drew the attention of the packed house in the Bung to the efforts made throughout the season by Help the Hatters who organise the Pods in EP……the football cards and sale of pies, and the tremendous contribution made via the 50p levy on each pint of beer sold in the Bung pre match and for an hour after, and the regular donations made through paypal by County Supporters. This effort goes on…..and has contributed the majority of the moneys passed over to the Players Fund thus far, winning County Supporters a shareholding, through the Supporters Cooperative, in the Club.

So….please keep supporting us….bob into the Bung pre match this Saturday before the Bradford game….have a pint….a pie , and help us help the Club!

Whilst in the Bung you might also consider a couple of other ways of helping out.

Firstly you could consider joining the Gold Bond Lottery which we  now sponsor. A link to a Lottery application form follows,and it is worth remembering that for just a quid a month ( £4.33 per calendar month)you can stand a chance of winning some decent dosh.

You can also pick one up in the Bung and hand it back to us- Help the Hatters receive a significant commission on every Gold Bond Lottery application submitted through us, and that helps us keep doing what we do!

You might also like to pick up a copy of that excellent publication ` Non League ' which Help the Hatters are supporting. We have 30 copies to sell ( at £3) and £1 from each sale accrues to Help the Hatters( and ultimately the Club). This months copy has 4 pages on Help the Hatters and loads more of interest to County fans….worth a punt I think!

In conclusion let me mention Fitzy and try and update you as to his health. John is recovering from a stroke as you will possibly know, and is making progress( he was at Curzon Ashton on Saturday cheering County on). Although John is cheered himself by good wishes of County fans, we have asked that supporters do not ring him so that his recovery is not hindered. I am sure you will happily support that thought and wish John a speedy return to good health! more item, and a very important one too....

 Notification of AGM – Thursday 19 November 2015

The 2015 AGM of the Stockport County Supporters’ Cooperative will be held on Thursday 19 November 2015 at the Bungalow at 7.30pm. The formal AGM will be followed by an informal meeting, details to be decided.

Please attend if you can .

Ian Brown   


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