Ten Eyed Man & Mutha Luvin Chimps Excel at the Bung!

What to do on a wet Saturday night?
Well…..this Saturday it was a no brainer, I took myself along to the Bung where top bands Ten Eyed Man  and Mutha Luvin Chimps were headlining in support of the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative!
I was not disappointed, as the bands ripped the place apart with stand out performances!
Mutha Luvin Chimps were first to show, and an outstanding extended set followed as the band showcased their excellent CD `Life, Love & Daytime TV ` with infectious enthusiasm.

I hate labels, but if pushed I would go for Punk with Polish, but are they either? Well …yes they are certainly punk, and there`s polish in the mix too, but there’s also a certain rawness in Jonny Briggs` delivery that says that there’s much more to this band than any label might adequately cover.

With a line up of Briggs( vocals), Penguin ( guitar), The Saint on bass and Silverback , who was massively impressive on drums, the lads were away into an hour long set.   

The caustically cool  `SOS Jeremy Kyle’  was just one from the CD `Life , Love & Daytime TV ‘ to get the band's full on treatment, going down really well.

Try this for size though......

 From the CD tracks that featured,  I liked the title track  and `It’s not Easy’ –both delivered with drive and energy by the lads, and for pure rawness `Everybody’s on Medication’ ( see above)and the gut wrenchingly pain drenched `Woman’ took some beating too.

The band were at their best however, on `Hey Ho, Let Yourself Go’, ending with a stonkingly excellent  encore of ` Eton Rifles’ and ` Never Gonna be the One’ to end a top set on a monumental high!
`Follow that then!’ I could imagine MLC thinking, and that’s just what classic rockers Ten Eyed Man did, giving us a really special set that had the travelling `Loyal Templars’ interacting with the stage like tomorrow was `world`s end’.

It was excellent stuff, as Tonehound, The Preacher, Al & Ben, mastered the challenging Bung electrics, with a stunningly tight performance!

 The guitar work and vocals of Paul Millsopp were particularly outstanding as the band ripped on through a string of up tempo numbers from the opener `Wishing Well’ via `Third Degree’ on to the slower appeal of `Life’  and `Don’t Believe a Word’ that went down a treat with the Templars and locals alike!

To the friendly shout of `Play something we know’ from their travelling fans, TEM ripped into `Get it On’ `Rockin in the Free World’ `Alright Now’ and a superb version of `Jumpin Jack Flash’( see link below for a flavour ) that put the Stones in the shade owing little to the original but loads to great musicianship which the band had in barrow loads!

An excellent set drew to a close with a great encore topped off by a version of `Highway to Hell’ that threatened the hitherto sturdy foundations of the Bung.

A great gig had inevitably to end, but those who made it to the Bung would have stayed forever to listen to more from a top top band!

A brilliant gig as I say, immaculately promoted by Christine and Phil, and great thanks are due to Ten Eyed Man and Mutha Luvin Chimps. I thought that the sensational Blossoms would be a hard act to follow, but you did it in impressive style!

Ian Brown   


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