Help the Hatters Update 60

In just over 24 hours between 6 p.m. Wednesday and  after 8 on Thursday 14 May, Help the Hatters swung into action again to  do stuff that needed doing.
Wednesday saw a team of 11 in the thick of it at the Booth Street Car Park , where there was a need to do a `litter pick' to ensure the site was in reasonable nick for the next Car Boot on 25 May.

 These two pics by David Wright give you an idea as to what the group were faced    by....

Alan was first to show and soon laid into the  area to the left as you enter the site. 

Alan gets stuck in........
The area was difficult to deal with due to the thick bushes thereabouts ,but  he coped , clearing a prodigious amount of accumulated assorted rubbish, being joined by Natalie, Jules and Ralph later.

Chris, David & Hopsky at the double....

David  , Biggles , Angela , Chris, Jules and Nats got on with the job moving along the left hand flank, whilst Fitzy and Mike were tasked with moving the huge piles of detritus to a spot where it could be eventually burnt.
Did I say eventually ? was not long before not one.....

....but two roaring fires could be seen.

I am grateful to David Wright for his excellent photos of this element.

As I left around 7.45, I could see Biggles laying into the right hand flank, with the others still beavering away    near the entrance....the fires now having abated .
Top group of Help the Hatters job !

As a footnote to this first part of Update 60, I feel I must comment on the volume of litter we encountered, and more specifically make a point about `who dumps it’.

The commonly held view is that `It`s yer booters wot does it!’, and for sure a cursory examination would lead you to agree with this mind punt, but in my view that is by no means the whole picture. 

There was a simply vast quantity of polystyrene trays of the type used in takeaway meals, and this, along with the swaying pile of ` Strongbow’ cans and bottles we shifted, points towards lunch time diners from the college as generous contributors to the mess also. In this respect the absence of litter bins on site would seem to be not entirely irrelevant to the matter in hand, thus my question to the Council would be

 ` Can we have some please?’

Moving on swiftly then to Thursday at 6 , when the previous days call was answered magnificently with 14 turning up to do a stint, amongst them first timer MR MOJO RISIN  from MB  who had a clutch of kids in support of his efforts, which saw him pitching in with Alan  Kip and  Biggles  getting things ship shape.
Mojo...Alan & Biggles give it some !

...whilst Kip just gets on with it unsupervised....

Alan then joined John G and yours truly slamming some blue on the rear exterior wall, 

Our `blue period'.......

but not before I had made my debut as a chippy sawing a plank of wood for Ralph who was in his element, his elongated bench ( see Update 59) now painted by David, was fully operational, so his attentions turned elsewhere…..

Finishing touches to Ralph`s handiwork, from David.
Yes…..they did and in no time at all my plank of wood was being incorporated in Ralph`s `Smokers Corner’ –

Smokers Corner started

 a simply excellent facility which will give those gasping for a fag somewhere to go to, whilst allowing those just wanting a gulp of fresh air, the space to do so!

....and well on its way ( inc my plank !)
Biggles did more work, assisted by Mojo, on his corner, which is coming on a treat, whilst Fitzy watered everything that didn`t move.
Fitzy tends the Vicars patch supervised by Dawn.

For the second evening on a trot, Ralph provided sustenance , which was really appreciated by all present, and after a short break…..

Break Time courtesy of Ralph !

work resumed, leaving the Bung exterior looking in really decent nick ahead of the `All Day Event’ in July.

`What`s happening between now and July?’ I hear you cry….and I respond thus……

Sundays 17  and 24 May …….Working Parties at the Bung starting at 9.30 a.m

Thursdays 21 and 28 May……. Working Parties at the Bung starting 6 p.m.

Wednesday 20 May   ……..Litter Pick at Booth Street Car Park- meet 6 p.m.

And……………do not forget…..Monday 25 May at Booth Street Car Park the next Help the Hatters  Car Boot Sale takes place. Angela will be seeking helpers soon for this vital fund raiser, so please respond positively if you can.

OK….that`s all for now, but dont forget to get your entry in for the Hatters Half Marathon which starts and finishes in the shadow of Edgeley Park on Sunday 6 September 2015, by visiting....

.....and following the links to the Run Britain Entries Page.

Ian Brown


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