Help the Hatters Update 56 was back to the Bung on Tuesday January 27 for the  Help the Hatters Working Party, and 10 turned out at 10p.m. ,or earlier, to continue work.
Main focus was on the big ( problem) wall, which Kip set about along with Mike O`Brien. 

 There was more than a hint of subtlety about the aforementioned duo`s work this day, as Kip had supplied, what he believed to be ` the ultimate in wall coverings!’......` golden promise’....known more commonly in the trade as`10c31’. It looked good though,I must say!
That wall -pic by Dazzer.

Elsewhere Broderick, and myself, laid into skirts and things applying more undercoat, whilst Wayne quickly had the kitchen door off its hinges ready to sort that out, and Jules and Nats got on with sundry jobs needing attention.
John`s Fitzpatrick and Gaskin meanwhile could be seen transforming the foyer, replacing the duller than dull orangy/ brownish tint that has mouldered there for yonks, with an altogether better covering.
Slowly the Bung is getting into shape, and we really needed it to be so for the 7 February when SCAN hold their event in honour of the 1964/65 County F.A. Cup Team.
So....... a week on from the above and 2 Working Parties later, there was still stuff to do  and we got on with it.......we are definitely getting there ......most of the painting is sorted....the carpets have been obtained for the walls....even new toilet seats for the `Ladies’, and the first of the curtains went up....the rest to follow on Thursday! 
Thursday arrived and a decent number got busy, with top young County defender Connor Hancock paying us a visit, the evening was off to a good start.

The painting of the foyer ( by Dazzer and myself) was curtailed mid way through due to the imminent arrival of competitors and specs for a Ladies Darts match,which was doubly disappointing due to me now being way past my `Jackson Pollock period' and skirting `borderline Rembrandt' Kip will testify !Others were more successful......

Barbara sorted the curtains beautifully and they give the room an altogether more welcoming aura. 

The same is true  elsewhere as well, as Hopski busied himself with drill and screws putting up numerous pictures , which add much to the large rooms overall look.
Paul and Simon attended to painting the ladies toilets/ John G the gents,and the final touch was added with a test of the blue stage lights specially arranged for the SCAN event on Saturday.

Another dazzler from D Berry.....

Chairs and tables moved to the side of the room , in anticipation of the Band Night on Friday, and that was another successful Working Party  over.

And so to the events mentioned above...... first the Band Night so capably organised by Christine and Phil Robinson.

The wonderful Blossoms were top bill, but the headliners had to wait whilst Danny Add gave us an excellent opening acoustic set.

Next up were the Mantells who were making their second appearance at the Bung and they were well received by what was now building into a sell out crowd.

Then.....with excitement building....the Blossoms took to the stage...........

.......... and despite the challenging conditions that the Bung presents to performers, they did not disappoint giving us a full on top show which delighted the fans. 

So.......on to Saturday and the 50th Anniversary SCAN Reunion in honour of County`s 64/65 Cup Heroes......

As events go this was a real belter , Chaired by Historian Marcus Heap, 53 players and relatives were hosted for the day which included SCAN presentations to all surviving players and relatives where appropriate.

So....the weekend , which also included a breathtaking 4-3 win for County, came to an exhilarating conclusion. And afterwards County supporters could justifiably pat themselves on the back and congratulate themselves for putting on two tremendously  successful events- another reafirmation that we are stronger together and together we can achieve much!

Oh......and another small congtratulation came from the organisers of the event that was `next on' `at the Bung after SCAN. They were overjoyed to see County fans clear the room and get it ready for their function....I add my thanks to theirs.....

.............................WELL DONE COUNTY FANS! 

Ian Brown


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