Help the Hatters Update 51

So....the work has begun on the interior of the Bungalow, with the successful first Indoor Working Party held on Thursday 20 November.
Numbers definitely do make a difference, and we had 14 in the Bung as work got underway shortly after 6 p.m., with the Vicar ceding leadership rights for the night to ace painter/ decorator Kip Ackram.
The targets for the evening were set, main hall and toilets- we were not going to ever make massive progress in one session but the aim was for a decent start.
Who does what then? Well....all the ladies headed for the kitchen, which was looking in a less than excellent condition. New fridge etc were pending arrival, but for now a good clean up was called for, and in this respect the team did  brilliantly making great inroads in making the area 100% fit for purpose!

Kitchen team claims victory !
The blokes started in the main concert room, laying down loads of white paint on the walls, but not before John G had donned his forensics gear for the occasion! 

John G.
Again decent progress was made with the walls nearest the toilets getting a coat, along with the skirts and radiators that received the appropriate variation of white from Simon George, who was also kitted out in fornsics gear. The problem wall....the one nearest to the football ground, was started upon, and painted about 40% of its length. The rest to be tackled when we have addressed the damp issue from outside ( see Outside WP 9).
Frequent visitors to the Bung, will have maybe noted the panelling near the ladies toilets, with all the Club & Institute Certificates on it! Well this looked in need of some attention, thus Kip & Ed gave the surface an initial clean prior to a visit the day after from Kip, who would apply an appropriate( first) coat of paint to same. You can see what a great start Kip has made from this next pic.....

Looking good Kip !
A brew....a bicky.....a team pic.....and it was time to tidy up and head for home....brilliant stuff team! to Sunday, and there were considerably less bodies on site for Bungalow Outdoor Working Party 9....4 in total, which was somewhat disappointing.       
“Its quality not quantity” , the man said though, and the team did alright despite the lack of numbers.

Fitzy`s fire....
With the Vicar at the helm, the team started shortly after 9 a.m...... and whilst Fitzy turned his attention to burning  some of the rubbish at the back, the Vicar headed towards that trench on the other side of that wall mentioned earlier. Believe it or not he managed to get even deeper this week and shifted a prodigious amount of accumulated assorted crud from around the source of the damp.
Vic points with pride to his Drainpipe reclamation project!
 The drainpipe is now fixed too, and Vic saw to it that a temporary protective barrier was erected near the foot of same, to help stop further recurrence. The aim is to take the trench along up to the other drainpipe ,  do a proper job prior to a repaint inside.
County1883 was on hand to zap a few weeds and tend the fire , before we all headed home about 11.30.

County 1883 zaps some weeds !
Why are the Help the Hatters and the Supporters Cooperative doing all this? make the Bungalow a place that County supporters feel comfortable and happy to spend time in, initially on match days, when every pint you buy earns dosh for the Players Fund, but at other times too.
We have already held an extremely successful Band Night at the Bung.....a brilliant community Bonfire.....we are hoping to play a series of County videos  this coming Saturday in the Bung, and Steve Bellis will be in at around 2p.m with a couple of platyers to answer questions, plus we will be working on a plan for much more, which should  most definitely include a gig from top band the Blossoms, who have just finished supporting the Cortinas in a sell out tour ending at Liverpool`s Echo Arena- watch this space for news!

So that`s why we are doing it...come and join just might enjoy the experience!

      Indoor Bung WP 2 ;       Thursday 27 November 6 p.m.
      Outdoor Bung WP 10:    Sunday 30 November  9 a.m.


News from the Supporters Cooperative.....

The 2014 AGM of the Supporters Cooperative is being held on Thursday 11 December at the Bungalow on Hardcastle Road , commencing at 7.30 p.m.
If you are a member you should have received a preliminary notice of this, and you will receive final notification and the relevant docs shortly.
Please make every effort to attend and play a part in shaping County`s future!

I still have a few tickets left for the Supporters Cooperative Christmas Cavort at the Magnet free house on  the A6. The do is on Friday 12 December from 7 p.m. ,with  acoustic group Shifty performing in the Function Room. £6.50 gets you a ticket and admission ( if you are a Coop Member-£8 non-members). There`s a free Xmas present for all ticket holders on the night, and the event is staged in support of the Stockport homeless charity the Wellspring.

Why delay? Get your ticket from myself, any Coop Board Member, or on line  via

IO County

Ian Brown


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