Help the Hatters Update 49

 The Bonfire Party at the Bungalow  referred to in Update 48, and just one of many brain waves thought up by Help the Hatters Chairman ,John Fitzpatrick went ahead, despite gruesome weather in the build up, on  Saturday 8 November in the Bung Car Park, and what a magnificent event it turned out to be!

Devised with the dual purpose of giving County supporters and the local community something to enjoy, and also publicising the successful Players Fund the evening attracted well over 100 people of all ages to the Bung.

Much work had been put in beforehand by the Joint Working Parties comprised of Help the Hatters supporters and Supporters Cooperative members, to make the area surrounding the Bung more user friendly. The job has been started in good style, evidence the trim and ship shape vista that greeted folks on Saturday. Not 100% sorted maybe.....but getting there and we are working on producing a plan for presentation to the public detailing our vision for this site as somewhere County fans can gather and enjoy each others company.

Free food was provided and set up by the Hopski`s ,and in this respect special thanks should go to County Director Richard Park who provided a large quantity of potatoes, all washed and ready for cooking! Brilliant stuff Richard! Add hot dogs( Lee  T)....parkin....treacle toffee and you have the basis for a good evening, and that`s what we had as .....

The bonfire was lit shortly after 6 p.m, and in no time a great blaze took hold, tended enthusiastically from time to time by the Vicar, Furrowed Brow, John Gaskin and County 1883. It was not long before crowds gathered to view and enjoy the spectacle, and County Manager Alan Lord, Director Jon Keiron, and later Steve Bellis joined us making it an all round County Family affair in every sense of the word!

And these 2 come courtesy of Darren Berry .

Circa 7 p.m it was time for the fireworks and John G and Lee transferred their talents to this aspect of the evenings activities, helped by Alan Lord who did the honours by lighting the first rocket! It really was a terrific event to be part of and it only remained for the kids to enjoy the disco ,and it was time to head off home, but not before sparing a thought for Fitzy, whose brain child this event was. John did a load of work beforehand, doing himself no favours, and supplied a wondrous amount of pallets to get the flames going, along with the usual inspirational stuff!John is  slowly recovering from his latest health scare, and all his friends within the County community send their good wishes to a  true County Legend! 
Cliff sets the disco up.

To keep the Bungalow momentum going, Help the Hatters /Supporters Cooperative   joint Working Parties. recommence with  Bungalow Working Party ( number 8) which will take place this coming Sunday 16 November commencing at 9 a.m. If you fancy helping us, we would be pleased to see you any time twixt 09.00 and 13.00!

Work has started, and you WILL see more!
 Be assured we are thinking about the fast approaching Xmas period, with a view to maybe laying on some mulled wine and suitable seasonably appropriate comestibles over the Xmas period, in the Bungalow, at a reasonable price, in conjunction with a yuletide home match. Further details will follow, but meanwhile if you have any ideas............
You will recall that it was agreed to run a Band Nite on Saturday 22 November at the Bungalow, featuring top group `The Blossoms’ , who are just back from a highly successful tour.
We await confirmation that this is going ahead.

Meanwhile the Supporters Cooperative are running a number of events  in the coming weeks starting Saturday 15th November 2014, when they put on a Band Night at the Bungalow Club, featuring top groups Super Fuzz  and The Mantells( Rodger Wylde & Tom Bennett do a set also). 

The event starts at 7p.m and admission is £5 payment on entry-  proceeds to the Supporters Coop.

Super Fuzz.

In addition, closer to Xmas....the Supporters Cooperative are hosting a `Christmas Cavort’ at the Magnet free house on the A6. This takes place on Friday 12 December, commencing at 7 p.m. Price of Tickets being...£6.50 for Coop members/ £8 for non members.


Popular group `Shifty ‘ headline the event and tickets can be obtained from any Coop Board member.....from myself, or from website...  

Ian Brown


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