Help the Hatters Update 48

This is intended as a brief sketch of  current issues following the  28 October,  Help the Hatters formal business meeting in the Bungalow, Hardcastle Road.

Proceedings got underway with the Treasurer`s Report given by Mike Hopper, which confirmed the organisation to be in a decent financial position. Mike touched on The Players Fund, and it was noted with satisfaction that matters were proceeding nicely towards the formal receipt of shares by the Supporters Cooperative.
The first 3 home games using the Bung as a base, have raised over £1000 from Bung drinks,pies, E.P. pods, match card & donations, which was a brilliant return!

Toddy v Harrogate in the F.A Cup.
Regarding Help the Hatters well established policy of supporting young players where possible, it was confirmed that such support would continue to be forthcoming from us relating to Matthew Todd, and that we would also extend our support to Connor Hancock`s first pro contract.

Connor Hancock.
 In addition we agreed to support the `strengthening programme’ currently being used by A.L. for his younger players. This programme, run in conjunction with a local fitness centre, helped significantly with Matthew Todd`s fitness and is felt to be worthwhile supporting.
The final Car Boot Sale of the year took place recently and had been another resounding success- being brilliantly organised by Angela Moore, who is to be warmly congratulated for her magnificent efforts!

Thanks Angela, and all who helped this year !

With the sound of prematurely lit fireworks already ringing in tired ears, Help the Hatters thoughts have  turned to holding a Bonfire Party at the Bungalow

This will be held on Saturday 8 November in the Bung Car Park, which is at this moment being prepared by ourselves, and the Supporters Cooperative, via the joint Working Parties. The event will be free and refreshments provided along with a kids disco in the Bungalow. We are extremely grateful to Lee Townley & the Supporters Cooperative who have kindly donated £200 towards the cost of fireworks. We agreed to match this figure as a first step- PLEASE DO NOT BRING FIREWORKS WITH YOU TO THE BONFIRE! 
We will need help on the day however as follows:-

1.   From 10 a.m to help set the Bonfire up and generally prepare the Bungalow.
2.   From 5 p.m ( ie after the match).
The  Bungalow Working Party ( number 6) took place on Sunday 2 November commencing at 9p.m. Only 7 turned out but a decent inroad was made into clearing the area to the rear of the Bung, making it closer to being a fit and proper place to hold County functions in.
Bung WP 6  hard at it !

In clearing the debris  first time Bunger - Robert Britner ( RAB on MB), uncovered  some mushrooms, which thoroughly excited Blog Hack Nigel Farago, who quickly dashed off for a plate , knife and fork....

Chanterelle Cibarius

...."Chanterelle Cibarius", the hopeless scribe blurted, but his utencils were quickly confiscated before he could test out  the wholesomeness of the unlikely meal.

Bung WP5
As stated above on the subject of the Bungalow, the joint Working Parties aim to turn the Bung( Manor Farm style) into a place where  County fans can relax and spend some time . We have already begun the transformation of the exterior and are not unaware that much needs doing on the inside- walls..... etc, first steps are agreed upon to start to tackle the issues.
The next Working Party at the Bungalow will be this coming Sunday 9 November meeting at 9a.m 
Regarding the fast approaching Xmas period, as a first step Help the Hatters will go ahead with provision of mulled wine and suitable seasonably appropriate comestibles over the Xmas period, in the Bungalow, at a reasonable price.

It was agreed to run a Band Nite on Saturday 22 November at the Bungalow, featuring top group `The Blossoms’ , who are just back from a highly successful tour. The group have a large following and will be willing and able to shift 100 tickets and bring along a support act.

Entrance  was agreed at £5 ( payment on the door- proceeds to Players Fund)- but we are aware that the Supporters Cooperative are running a fantastic Band Night on the 15th November, also at the Bungalow, featuring top bands Super Fuzz and the Mantells along with a set by Rodger Wylde and Tom Bennett ( see the earlier article on this blog for details) so  discussions will be taking place twixt the relevant organisers to ensure we do not do not do anything to the detriment of the 15 November venture!
Watch this space for news.

Get Well Soon Fitzy ! 

John, suporting County at Alty last season.
Whilst writing this article, news has just come in confirming that John Fitzpatrick, Help the Hatters Chairman and inspirational driving force, has been admitted to Stepping Hill Hospital again. When further news of Fitzy`s condition reaches us , we will advise, meanwhile our best wishes go to John for a speedy recovery!

Ian Brown


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