First Ground Breaking Transfer made to the Players Fund !

It is with great pleasure and pride that the blog reproduces here the statement released by Stockport County Football Club just a short while ago, relating to the Players Fund.

In doing so we extend congratulations to the supporters of Stockport County upon taking the first step and achieving supporters share ownership in the Club. In this respect all concerned, particularly Help the Hatters , the Supporters Cooperative and the Club, are to be warmly congratulated, along with the man who`s brain child this was- Steve Gibbons.

A first step very definitely, but one that confirms that `Stronger Together' is more than just a nifty tag line!

The Club statement reads.......


Stockport County manager Alan Lord has received a major boost on the eve of the club’s FA cup fixture against Chester FC.

The Hatters boss has received the first donation from the recently launched ‘Players Fund’ to help strengthen the playing squad at Edgeley Park.

The ‘Players Fund’ is the brainchild of County fan, Steve Gibbon and has been created in collaboration with two other independent supporter’s organisations, namely, Help the Hatters and the Supporters Co-operative whose motto, appropriately reads ‘Stronger Together’.

Following a number of recent meetings with shareholders, directors and officials at the club, the supporters groups have pledged to add to the playing budget through a series of co-ordinated events aimed at securing donations from the fans.

This includes a terrific initiative with the Bungalow club, situated adjacent to Edgeley Park. The supporters have developed a partnership with the committee of the Bungalow which facilitates a 50 pence donation to the Players Fund from every pint sold by the club on match days and at specific County events. Fans can also donate directly via a number of branded pods that have been strategically donated around Edgeley Park.

In return, one of the club’s shareholders, has agreed to gift the supporters one share for every two pounds raised by the scheme.

One of County’s senior board advisers, Steve Bellis, was quick to praise the initiative and the first donation, he said ‘As a club, we are privileged to have such fantastic levels of support but our fans continue to go above and beyond what is expected. The boards, committees and members of the Supporters Co-operative and Help the Hatters have made it very clear that they are prepared to go the extra mile to support the club both practically and financially.

County fanatic Steve Gibbon is especially worthy of praise for his tireless efforts getting the Players Fund off the ground.

I can assure our fans that every penny donated will go directly to Alan’s playing budget starting with this initial significant donation. There is a genuine mood of optimism around the club at the moment proving that we really are stronger together’.



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