Help the Hatters Update 32

Well.....what a day......I spent much of it cursing Google and hyper ventilating over the dread prospect of Google`s 27 May exercise in cyber bullying, rendering me unable to access my own blog!
Still seething I arrived at Edgeley Park just after 18.00 for the first Working Party of this current close season, to be gently chided by the estimable John Gaskin for confusing everyone by posting initially an 18.00 start time and changing it to 18.30. I of course swore innocence, but on checking this morning ,I see that in HtH Update 31 I did indeed apologies John, and to anyone who was confused!
It was not long before the Working Party started to arrive, one by one, and a tranquil early evening scene developed as we briefly waited for orders from John, after consultation with Graham Atkinson. I was by this stage in ` Pretentious Git` mode, a state having been induced by watching much of  Young Musician of the Year on Beeb4 via BBCI. I had watched with interest the hyper active live wire percussionist and the superbly talented recorder player , but fast forwarded through the pianist, who true to form won!

Head full of rubbish eyes alighting on an array of brushes and shovels, my imagination drifted to the music of Leopold Stokowski ,used in the Disney film `Fantasia`, and in no time, in my head, brushes and shovels were dashing about all over the main stand area. was high time I had a word with myself, but John G did the honours better and we were set to work on the main stand.
As advertised it was a clean- up session and amazingly all the brushes had bristles ( big thanks to George and John G , and anyone else who was kind enough to bring materials along!). The team, some 17 strong spread out over the Danny Bergara Stand sweeping anything that ought not to be there into a bin bag- amazingly I found several tea bags, and a couple of comatose shareholders,  at the back of the stand amongst several hundredweight of material.
It was good to see quite a few Supporters Cooperative Board members with sleeves rolled up, doing their bit in the cause along with the usual suspects from within the Help the Hatters ranks.

It was a pretty successful effort I would say, and one captured by Dan Hughes who was on site filming the action.

I managed a group shot or two, which you see below, and you may like to see how many Coop Board members you can spot on same- I noted 5! 

Photo shoot over, the work session ended, we retired for  tea/ coffee/biscuits courtesy of Natalie T. Five minutes later a scene of Wagnerian proportions  played out outside as the rain lashed down. I am assuming there was some Wagnerian thunder and lightning accompanying the rain, but I couldn`t hear for Fitzy crunching on the chocolate digestives!

Time for tea !
Next session Tuesday......18.00 for 18.30....hope to see you there!
Also don`t forget the Car Boot this coming Bank Holiday Monday....if you can help at any stage between 06.00 and 13.00 please let Angela Moore know.
Oh............and the Google thingy was solved early doors today- evidenced by the 2 Ian Brown`s you will see on the list of blog authors.....just like Marionsboard then!
So.....cue celebratory playing of several tracks from Squeezing out Sparks by GP  and its job happiness!

IO County

Ian Brown


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