Report of Supporters Cooperative Meeting (these are not minutes)

A well attended meeting of the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative took place at the Bungalow adjacent to Edgeley Park tonight.
Chairman Pete Towey opened proceedings and gave an overview of contacts with the new people charged with running of the Club. Steve Bellis and George Hudson had the full backing of active shareholders , and had written to those shareholders not committed to debt w/o or share relinquishment requiring a response within 7 to 10 days. In answer to questions on the subject later, the Chairman confirmed that should the minority shareholders not respond positively, within the mentioned time scale, a further meeting of the Supporters Cooperative would be called and a mandate for action put to it by the Coop Board. In his opinion this action would not include not buying a season ticket.
 On the question of EP ownership, both the Club and the Supporters Coop were confirmed as committed to working towards purchase of the football ground from its current owners. The possibilities were numerous it was felt upon regaining ownership.....EP could be a Community Hub....a far cry from the neglected gem it is now!
As far as supporters representation on the Board of the Club, it appears that the new people are not as keen on this as we are. For now we will accept this situation, and concentrate on other things.
Regarding the newly appointed Vice Presidents,  these were  looked on as `speed bumps' in the event of issues that might crop up....
Supporters Cooperative Board Members.

Board members each addressed the meeting in turn....
Billy Byrne confirmed membership as having exceeded 500.Members  will receive a certificate confirming a share in the Coop( paid for by the first £1 of fee). Cards will be issued as soon as database up dated , and the Coop will have a stall at pre season games to push membership.
Dave Marchbank called for support for various upcoming events most notably the `Comedy Night' at Edgeley Park on 21st June. Teams were needed for the 5 a side football tournament being organised at the Power League . Thanks were given to organisers of `Band Night' which was in support of the Coop. Dave finished by saying that we were  negotiating with possible sponsors watch this space!
Lee Townley`s Treasurers report confirmed finances as healthy, and he was hopeful of producing a detailed budget for 2014-15 which he would present to a future meeting.

John Fitzpatrick/ John Gaskin

John Gaskin outlined plans for pre season action ,spearheaded by the Supporters Cooperative and Help the Hatters. To this effect HtH   Edgeley Park Working Parties would recommence soon.
Russ Johnson  confirmed that coverage was regularly given to Coop items via the Supporters Coop web site along with media outlets Marionsboard, County Heaven and Yellowboard. Anyone not receiving a Newsletter should contact Russ.

Russ Johnson on mike,flanked by John Gaskin & Dave Marchbank.

Mike Davies  called for greater use of social media outlets and whilst doing so praised Stockport Express journo Gavin Browne for his top rate County and Supporters Coop, coverage.
A question and answer session followed.....

Q   How much does BK want for Edgeley Park?
A:  We do not know price. We are committed to being a major stakeholder in EP, possibly via a `Community  Share Scheme, but definite proposals are needed before we approach BK- in this respect a feasibility study is being undertaken via Supporters Direct,

Q; Is it worth getting an independent valuation?

A;  Club thinks so....we agree.

Q;  Who do five a side teams go to?
A:  Paul Charnock agreed to take same, but details are on the Supporters Coop web site.
Q: Have we met the Council yet?

A; We have contacted all leaders who are broadly supportive, but there is an agreed need for a proper business plan, from the Club and thus far this has not been forthcoming.

Q: Whose coming/ going?
A : A small minority remain un decided- they have 7/10 days to do so.
Q; Is the Coop going to take action  after 10 day period if no response received?

A; Yes....if shareholders still not moving then a further Coop meeting will be called and a mandate for action put to it by the Board.

Q; Are the Chinese still interested?
A; Yes, but do not expect  early moves, their interest is more long term , but not 100% certain, so we must keep working at it meanwhile
Q; How`s the Club to be run now?

A; There will be no CEO....this function will be divided up and at no salaries being drawn by SB and GH. It was also stated that the modus operandi as far as it was known seemed to approximate closely to the proposals of the SK Group ( Editors comments; surely a pure coincidence!)

Q:  Who`s on the Club Board now?
A; 3 see the programme.

Q;  Could we ask that the ST  Early Bird initiative be extended?
A;  Will approach the Club.
Q ; Have we complained about stewards
A: This issue was raised last night with the Club.

Q ; Could we run coaches to away games?

A;   This  would need careful thought being fraught with difficulties , not least considering Peels on Wheels and Fingerpost  .

With a rallying call from the Chairman to reignite that old County spirit the meeting closed  circa 21.30.

Ian Brown


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