Nine Months On, and it still seems outrageous !

It is nine months , on 11 July 2013 to be precise, that this blog published an article by myself  outlining the situation that pioneers of Women`s Football in the UK , Doncaster Rovers Belles, found themselves in.
In short they had been advised ,prior to last season`s start, that irrespective of where they finished in the league table that season, they would be relegated, and Manchester City, who were not even top of the lower division, would automatically replace them!
 City were newcomers to the women`s game, in sharp contrast to  Doncaster Rovers Belles, who had been serious contenders  for 44 years( 45 now).
Doncaster tried to appeal, but they were refused this basic right-  I said at the time that disgraceful hardly covered the situation, and 9 months on the sense of outrage still lingers, and was only intensified with the news that Lincoln Ladies  have been allowed to change their name to Notts County, completely ignoring the views of Nottingham Forest Ladies- the City`s only resident women`s team!
I would like to think that the women`s game is in good hands nationally, but instead see the birth of another monster of Premier League proportions raising its head.
Doncaster Rovers Belles meanwhile  start  their new season, in WSL 2, tonight at Sutton Coldfield against Aston Villa Ladies. I hope that you join with me in wishing them well for the season !
I have included a link to the Belles site under the `Favourite Sites' ,so why not give it a visit, and keep an eye on their progress.

Ian Brown


  1. Result of last nights game.........

    Aston Villa Ladies 0 Doncaster Rovers Belles 2

    Crowd 306 Scorers ; Beth England, Sue Smith.


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