Supporters Agree Way Ahead!

After the excitement of last week`s meeting at the Blossoms, it was tempting to think that perhaps tonight`s gathering would be something of a damp squid, but thoughts along those lines were quickly dispelled as 108 County supporters took their seats on the dot at 7.30.
That set the scene for the night really....this gathering was serious and anxious to listen and contribute to the discussion.
Following last weeks decisions the matter of priorities was discussed .
1     There were no dissenters to the proposal that a meeting be sought with Brian Kennedy as a matter of urgency. Although Mr Kennedy is currently out of the country, he was still contactable via his representatives in the UK. It was agreed that contact with these representatives be left exclusively to Dave Schofield and John Fitzpatrick, who will seek an appointment date within 7 days. Dave and John will report back  after 7 days ,and  further action will be considered should an appointment not be forthcoming. Put in short/ simple terms we need to know...
Will Mr Kennedy sell Edgeley Park?
Will he sell it to us?
What is the asking price?
Other questions arise from the above queries but the focus is on making contact in the first instance and making a start to ending the apparently perpetual downward spiral in County`s fortunes over a decade or more. Ownership of Edgeley Park is the key to this!

2     It was noted that the Stockport County Supporters Cooperative  were pressing on with moves to get  Edgeley Park granted ` Asset of Community Value' status, which will ensure the ground cannot be sold without the supporters group are given an 6 month option to buy.

3. Membership forms for the Supporters Cooperative were made available and a good number were completed . Coop membership pre -meeting was reported to have doubled since Wednesday of last week, so another up surge was happening before our eyes!

4. Much discussion followed around the roll of Directors and Supporters at County. it was annoyingly apparent  that Directors put money into County which eventually morphed into `loans' ( ie debt to the Club)which they expected back even though County have performed and been managed at Boardroom level so prodigiously badly. Supporters on the other hand are far and away the largest cash contributors to the Club  and they give their money and have no stake in that Club despite this. We are not a protest group however.....we would hope that the Club would see the value in working with us- we certainly want to work with them, but there perhaps should be a quid pro quo involved from the Club when the supporters make a contribution be it financial or otherwise.

We urgently need to build up a body of people willing to give their time and skills in an effort to save the Club. Both the Supporters Cooperative and the general Supporters Group need these so please let us know as soon as you can if you can help.
We need the following details initially:-

Name and home address.
E mail address.
Contact telephone number.
Details of any skills you think might help us.
Send all these to

6.Fund raising.

If you have any ideas on fund raising please let us know .- maybe bring these nuggets along with you to the next meeting which is scheduled for Wednesday 18th September at the Bungalow. Alternatively if you cannot make it on the 18th send them to me initially at and I will ensure that they are passed on to the correct person.


We hope to have a punchy leaflet aimed at gaining a broader support for the group. Work is in hand and an appeal will go out to help with distribution when they are ready.

All this time a collection had been organised. The suggestion was that  a pound a head would fit the bill, but the total raised in the end was a mighty £257.20 plus $5.00- fantastic!
Next meeting in 2 weeks time on Wednesday 18th September at the same venue.

 Be There!

Ian Brown


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