Report of Stronger Together Open Meeting

The third open meeting of the Stronger Together supporters grouping took place tonight at the Bungalow Hardcastle Road with Mary McGee Wood, the Supporters Cooperative Independent Secretary in the chair.


There was a report back  of matters that have been dealt with since the last meeting and Mary reported back that 3 clear priorities had been agreed upon to take us forward. These were;-

1 To get Edgeley Park  listed as an Asset of Community Value

2. To work to get Edgeley Park under the ownership of the Co-op / Council

3. Get the SCFC shareholders to write off their debts

1 -  CAV application submitted will go to the Planning Committee of the Council next.
2, 3 - Both need more information as a first step, especially 3.
Any offers of reliable information very welcome. Don't expect
to see anything dramatic too soon.

It was felt that clarification was needed from the Board and Shareholders as to what their current position was on key issues and what they were prepared to do to resolve them. To this end it was agreed that an open letter be distributed tonight, and this is reproduced below;-

`Stockport County Supporters' Co-operative calls on the Club Board, and particularly its shareholders, to make a statement about the current crisis at the Club explaining what plans are in place to resolve it. We do not want a statement consisting of generalities and vague aspirations, but one of substance that informs and reassures supporters that the Board has clear and positive intentions for the future of the Club.

You don't have to be Alan Hansen to realise that Stockport County have become one of the saddest cases in present-day English Football.

From being a well- respected and occasionally successful club Football League Club, County are now floundering and lost in the  largely  unnoticed wor ld of non-league football.

The Club's demise has happened almost by sleight-of-hand and in a frighteningly short period of time.

It is floating aimlessly like a shipwreck long abandoned by those aboard, such is the impact of those who are supposed to be steering Stockport County at present.

Despite this the Club still has a large, loyal and loving fan base. But the supporters are deeply troubled by the current state of the club, on and off the field.

They have organised themselves and are prepared to do whatever is in their power to act together through the Supporters Co-operative to save the Club and eventually return it to health.

They deserve a response.'

Fund Raising.

It was noted with enthusiasm that Phil Robinson was well on with arrangements for the Concert on 19th October at the Power League. Full details will follow as soon as possible but Phil meanwhile confirms some really great bands have been signed up and are giving their services free for this fund raiser! Brilliant stuff Phil!
As I say more info` will follow as soon as it is available- meanwhile keep 19th October free!
In addition it was noted that the Hoodies were now on sale and that the usual Minithon was going ahead on Sunday 20th October with funds raised being split 50/50 between the Supporters Coop and the designated Charity. More details of how to support this to follow.


It was noted that membership had again doubled since last it was reported.
There was still a need however to reach those supporters who did not have internet access. To this end a leaflet was almost ready and it was planned to distribute this at the Worcester City home game on October 5th. Volunteers are needed. Again more details will follow but if you are able to  spare a little time pre match on the 5th drop me an  email to and I will pass your details on.

Membership and Elections.

 Discussion took place around the current arrangement for elections in October.
It was asked that consideration be given to extending the period before the elections took place to give more time to recruit and thus provide a greater talent pool to tempt us at election time. The Chairman and the Coop Board members present agreed to look at this one.

No date was set for the next meeting but the need for regular meetings was felt to be important.

Please note this is not meant to be an accurate minute of proceedings merely my report on same.


Ian Brown


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