Minutes of Stronger Together Meeting 19.9.2013

                         Minutes of the Stronger Together Supporters Group
                                     19th September 2013
                                The Bungalow, Hardcastle Road.

Mary McGee Wood, the Supporters Co-operative Independent Secretary in the chair opened the meeting with an update since the last meeting and decisions made from the Cooperative recent board meeting.

For the Co-operative to be taken seriously and to showcase our professionalism the board decided not to express any views on who is going to be the next manager, management at the club and individuals.  The board have to be objective.

Asset of Community Value
·        CAV application submitted.
·        CAV will go to the Planning Committee next for the final decision.
·        Confident CAV will be granted.

Ownership of EP
  • Will have an opportunity to speak with a Brian Kennedy representative when a credible proposal is in place.
  • To have a credible offer in place, we need assistance from people with experience in sales of sport venues to be able to show how the Co-operative come to their conclusion of a valuation of EP and payment plan.
  • Before any discussions with Stockport MBC we need to have our own position clear as to what we can offer and how the council can benefit and assist the Co-operative.
  • It was noted that the timescale for a commercial valuation is not that long but it could be expensive
  • A plea for individuals/companies with experience in valuations in sale of sports facilities to support the Co-operative.

  • Initially the Co-op have released the statement below calling on the Club Board and shareholders to make a clear and substantive public statement of their plans to resolve the current situation at the Club. This statement will go to the local media and uploaded onto the Co-operative website and social networks linked to County.
  • This will be followed soon by a call to the shareholders to write off their debts.
  • Got to keep up the pressure to the shareholders.

Stockport County Supporters' Co-operative calls on the Club Board, and particularly its shareholders, to make a statement about the current crisis at the Club explaining what plans are in place to resolve it. We do not want a statement consisting of generalities and vague aspirations, but one of substance that informs and reassures supporters that the Board has clear and positive intentions for the future of the Club.

You don't have to be Alan Hansen to realise that Stockport County have become one of the saddest cases in present-day English Football.

From being a well- respected and occasionally successful club Football League Club, County are now floundering and lost in the  largely  unnoticed wor ld of non-league football.

The Club's demise has happened almost by sleight-of-hand and in a frighteningly short period of time.
It is floating aimlessly like a shipwreck long abandoned by those aboard, such is the impact of those who are supposed to be steering Stockport County at present.
Despite this the Club still has a large, loyal and loving fan base. But the supporters are deeply troubled by the current state of the club, on and off the field.

They have organised themselves and are prepared to do whatever is in their power to act together through the Supporters Co-operative to save the Club and eventually return it to health.
They deserve a response.
Membership & Elections
  • Membership’s numbers have doubled in the last two weeks.
  • A massive push with flyers to encourage the wider fan base to join at EP will be 5th October (Worcester City game).
  • Elections to take place end of October.
  • Co-operative will welcome and encourage natural leaders, vocal and visionary people to consider standing for election.
  • There is 5 board member’s vacancies available, interested persons will need to attend all board meetings and it is a commitment for 3 years.
  • It was asked that consideration to be given to extend the period before the elections took place to give more time to recruit and a greater talent pool of people to go for election.
  • It was remarked by a fan the short term aim is to get as many members as possible, to have a high calibre of people on the Co-op board who can bring creditability, who have versatile skills and who can drive the fans in the right way. The long term aim is Edgeley Park.
  • Chairman and the Co-op board members agreed to consider putting back the AGM elections.
  • A drive to sign up season ticket holders to the cooperative.

Fund Raising
  • Live bands concert is confirmed for 19th October at the Power League (Heaton Mersey) – full details will be announced soon.
  • Minithon 20th October at Chorlton Meadows – funds raised being split 50/50 between the Supporters Co-op and the designated charity ACE.
  • Darts and 5 a-side tournaments suggested raising funds.
  • Greeting cards is being considered.
  • Email Mary McGee Wood with fund raising ideas - mary_scsc@mary-mcgee-wood.co.uk.

  • Website is now live
  • Nomination and election process will be uploaded soon.
  • Expectation of elected board members will be uploaded ASAP
  • Merchandise section fully operational.
  • Job roles required within Co-operative will go on website.
  • Formal minutes from board meetings will eventually go on the website.

  • Help is needed Saturday 5th October with leaflet distribution at the Worcester City home game email madhatterib@virginmedia.com if you are able to assist.
  • More volunteers are needed to work behind the scenes to assist with elected board members
  • A structure is planned where each position will have a 2nd person to be able to cover.

  • A suggestion for a member of the co-op to arrange a fact finding meeting with Chester City FC to gather important information on their success on acquiring Chester City.

Date of next meeting – will be publicised soon.  All agreed a need for regular monthly meetings.


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