The return of Halley's comet we may see in years to come.
The return of the Falklands seems a bit far fetched to some.
The return of Lord Lucan would cause quite a mild furore,
but the return of Edgeley Park would make all three seem a bore.

Luther King dreamt of freedom for a world of black and white.
Dorothy dreamt of the Land of Oz and a wizard she must fight.
Dave Whelan dreamt of the F.A. Cup and Wigan's fight for glory.
My dream would see all County fans write their own unlikely story.

Every terraced stand and turnstile, every brick of white or blue,
every flag and every goal post, every spotlight, every loo,
every blade of rich green grass, every table, every chair,
would be owned by the fans who had each acquired a share.

So let's kick start the dream today, this challenge we must face,
The Supporters' Coop will draft the means to fight an honest case.
Mr Kennedy, if you read this poem, please soften to my plea.
Roll back the years of heartbreak and just hand us back the key!!

Pauline Coddington (A Footballer's guide to Feltmaking)


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